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Dream big.

Regular readers of this blog know that’s my main motto. It even says so above my bed. I enjoy dreaming big, visualizing my goals as if they have already been manifested, and then turning those dreams into reality. Especially when people say my dreams are impossible to achieve. That just makes me even more determined to achieve them.

One of my big dreams was to meet Jenna Fischer. You know The Office is my show. There are enough Office supplies at my place to prove it. So when I found out that Jenna would be starring in Neil LaBute’s new play, Reasons to Be Happy, I could not snag tickets fast enough. Neil LaBute is my fave playwright. Jenna is half of Jam, my fave soul mates. This was a non-coincidence just waiting to shower a big bucket of happy on me.

The play was awesome. Classic twisty dark LaBute. Why do I like his twisty darkness so much? Not sure. Maybe it’s a way of balancing out the whole sweet romance thing. I stalked the stage door after the play with a throng of fans. And, um, Parker Posey. Who was totally waiting on the sidewalk with the rest of us after the show like she wasn’t freaking Parker Posey. I love her. One of the best compliments ever was when I checked into a hotel and the concierge thought I was Parker Posey from across the lobby. Which I restrained from telling her about when we talked. Because of course I talked to Parker Posey. We had a whole conversation and everything. That how BFFs do.

And then. I got to meet Jenna Fischer.

Susane Colasanti and Jenna Fischer

She was so sweet to all of her fans. And she loved my Jam tee! She noticed it right away. I was babbling like an idiot and saying what a huge fan I am and how much I love her and Jam forever. Jenna was very gracious. She was also very chill. I think she was about to go to the gym. She looked amazing, btw. Kicking myself that I forgot my print of Pam’s drawing of the office for her to sign. But she looks so cute in this pic I’m over it.

So yeah. Another big dream achieved? Check. I’m still having sporadic bursts of fangirl freakout every time I think about last night. Talk about reasons to be happy.

i’m writing a trilogy!


I’m writing a trilogy!

After thinking about possibly writing sequels or a series, I started developing an idea that had been growing for a while. You know how much I love New York City. Some of you know that when I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to leave for college so my real life could start. My love for New York and the euphoria I felt that summer before college came together to spark the inspiration for my upcoming trilogy, City Love.

Here’s the announcement that ran in the Hot Deals section of Publishers Weekly:

Katherine Tegen Falls in ‘Love’ with Colasanti

For her namesake children’s imprint at HarperCollins, Katherine Tegen signed Susane Colasanti, for mid-six figures, to a three-book, North American rights deal for a new series called City Love. Emily van Beek at Folio Jr. (the children’s division of Folio Literary Management) said the series is a “romance and sisterhood” one, with “crossover potential.” The books are about three girls who, van Beek added, are “teetering somewhere between childhood and adulthood, and will clash and weave as they struggle to find the balance between their ambitions, their pasts, and their own complicated hearts.” The first book in the series is scheduled for summer 2015.

And the online announcement from Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf:

City Love by Susane Colasanti deal announcement in Publishers Weekly

I can’t wait to share more about this exciting adventure with you as details unfold. For now, I’m working on revisions of my eighth novel, which will be out next year. The first book of the City Love trilogy will be out Summer 2015.

Thanks to all of you for reading my books, connecting with me on Twitter and Facebook, and spreading the love. Your support means more than you will ever know. Much love. xoxo

keep us where the light is

TGIM! For those of you planning a Summer of Reinvention, there’s nothing like a fresh week for a fresh start. Every summer was going to be my Summer of Reinvention back in high school. You know, the summer where you totally transform yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Where you would meet the boy of your dreams down the shore and live happily ever after. You’d go back to school all shiny new confident and everyone would be blown away by how different you were. School would be a whole new world where you could finally stop caring what other people think.

Not that Summer of Reinvention ever worked out for me. Which I admitted in this guest post for Parents Magazine. But the hope was still there at the beginning of every summer. I’m hoping you achieve your goals this summer, whether that involves reading 100 books or lounging by the pool for 100 days. Although if your goal is the latter, please wear sunblock every single one of those days. At least SPF 50, okay?

Friendly neighbors of Connecticut! I’m doing an event this Friday, June 28 at RJ Julia in Madison at 6:00pm. Three awesome authors will be joining the funtivities as well. You can find event details here. This will probably be my last event until the Less Than Three Conference in St. Louis, so I hope to see those of you who are nearby.

With the whole book release/deadlines/lack of sleep whirlwind winding down, I want to mention a few things that may have been overlooked. Some sweet reviews of All I Need were posted on Hollywood the Write Way, Miss Print, and Miss Literati. A fresh interview is up at Persephone Magazine. And the ad trailer for All I Need ran on the Pretty Little Liars page of the ABC website:

All I Need by Susane Colasanti ad on Pretty Little Liars page

I freaking love that show.

Another thing I love? Non-coincidences. You know that I’m all about the Universe and karma and positive energy. So when my BF/soul mate and I were on his balcony talking about the 4th of July fireworks and two minutes later they started testing some of the 4th of July fireworks on the river right in front of us, I wasn’t even that surprised. I heart the Universe.

But I was surprised when my day planner revealed that next week is July. Really, day planner? What happened to May? We’re already past the summer solstice. I hope you enjoyed the most daylight time we’ll see all year. Glass half full: Summer is officially on. Glass half empty: Daylight time is now decreasing by about two minutes per day. Let’s go with the glass half full. Keep us where the light is. An optimistic attitude brings much goodness. And opportunity for reinvention. And fun non-coincidences. Here’s to a spectacular summer!

help wanted, video 1

Remember when I told you about my new love advice video series, Help Wanted? And when I asked for your questions to answer in my first video? Well, the first Help Wanted video is up! I selected three of your questions this time. Hopefully, you’ll find these videos to be of some help.

Got Qs for next time? You can ask me anything you want about relationships and suchlike. Submit your questions here in the blog comments, in the YouTube comments, or you can email me at susanecolasanti at gmail. I will try to share some decent advice without sounding like a complete tool.

Thanks for reaching out, friendly neighbors. Much love. xoxo

back to it

So the past three weeks have been a whirlwind. Which is always how it goes when I have a new book come out. Events and traveling and seven-hour days on trains and lots of promotional stuff and the whole time being on deadline. Because of course I had a revision due while everything else was going on. Stick that in the Of Course file along with this: As soon as the whirlwind died down and I was back to my normal routine, I was smacked down with a nasty cold. Which was just like when I was a camp counselor. The day I got back home from camp, I would usually get sick. It’s like my body was so used to being on gogogo! mode 24/7 at camp that my resistance totally broke down the second I relaxed.

Not that this temporary discomfort can harsh my mellow. First of all, I had a blast at BEA. Thanks to everyone who came out to get copies of All I Need signed. Luckily there was no one scheduled after me, so I was able to stay late and sign everyone’s books. But my BEA signing wasn’t the only thing I was looking forward to. That night was the most fabulous YA author/blogger rooftop party in the history of awesome. I had been counting down the days since last year’s rooftop party. The incredible Liza Wiemer of WhoRuBlog hosted yet another Best Party Ever (I love you, Liza!!!). She even let my BF/soul mate come with me. Here I am with Elizabeth Eulberg and Matt on the exclusive rooftop:

Elizabeth Eulberg and Susane Colasanti

The view was spectacular. The refreshments were delicious. Even the glow rings and other fun accessories were perfect. And there was magic! Shout-out to Austin for a super fun magic show. You are going places, my friend. As if we didn’t have enough fun at the epic party, Elizabeth, Matt and I went to Paul McCartney’s concert last night. Elizabeth and I saw Sir Paul two summers ago. Just like last time, I was beyond amazed. No maybe about it.

Another highlight of BEA? Chilling with Sarah Dessen and David Levithan at Penguin’s Top of the Standard party:

Sarah Dessen, David Levithan, Susane Colasanti

Events like these are always super fun. But the best part of a new book release? Is getting to meet readers, librarians, teachers, and other friendly neighbors who are so passionate about books. Your support means more to me than you will ever know. You make this life possible. Thanks to all of you read All I Need and spread the love. Because of you, All I Need was featured in the bestsellers section of Barnes & Noble stores nationwide:

Bestselling All I Need by Susane ColasantiNow I’m all about the normal work/gym/life routine. Less glamorous than chilling with the literati? For sure. But I love my routine. Not just because I’m an organization freak. It keeps me grounded and energized and happy. And my writing routine allows me to write a new book for you every year. Which is a very good thing.

Next up: the first video in my love advice series, Help Wanted. Stay tuned!

ginormous contest winners

Woot! The winners of my Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest have been selected! You guys sent in such beautiful summer collages. Choosing only three winners was mad difficult. In the end, I went with three gorgeous collages that feel so much like summer I’m ready to hit the beach right this second.

First prize goes to Camille N. for her brightly colored summery sensation:

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest winner

There’s just something about this collage that screams summer. The way Camille designed the images and colors and fonts to all come together in a way that totally feels like summer really spoke to me. Makes me want to kick back on the hammock with a good book all afternoon. Congrats, Camille!

Second prize goes to Nicole M.

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest winner

Nicole calls this collage “Summer Nights.” I am definitely feeling the summer night magic here!

Carey S. won third prize with her sweetly nostalgic collage:

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest winner

I adore the simplicity and peacefulness of this one. And I love the fortune cookie fortune: Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny.

An honorable mention goes to Julie P. for her unique artwork:

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest honorable mention

Congratulations to all of my Ginormous Contest winners! Catch you again next year around this time when my eighth novel comes out. Until then, please keep an eye out for more contests and giveaways on my Twitter and Facebook.

I’ll be out by the pool if you need me.