dream big

Happy New Year, friendly neighbors! Get ready for an amazing ride. I have a Knowing that 2013 will be spectacular.

So I was going to share before and after pictures of my bedroom today. Then I realized there was one after picture that would be perfect for welcoming in this shiny new year. After the bedroom was renovated, I decided to write my main motto over the bed to be reminded of how important this is every day:

dream big

Dream big.
Visualize your ideal life.
Take steps every day to reach your goals. Keep hope and patience alive.
That’s how dreams become reality.

Here’s to dreaming big every day of 2013!

12 thoughts on “dream big

  1. You’re such an inspiration to me ❤ Your words have always helped me to remember to keep believing in my dreams even when they seem out of reach. I hope you have a great year!

  2. Yeah, I have big plans for 2013! And I love that your wall decal is your reminder to keep it cool. I love your pillowcases too. They remind me of the spine detailing on your books!


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