help wanted, video 1

Remember when I told you about my new love advice video series, Help Wanted? And when I asked for your questions to answer in my first video? Well, the first Help Wanted video is up! I selected three of your questions this time. Hopefully, you’ll find these videos to be of some help.

Got Qs for next time? You can ask me anything you want about relationships and suchlike. Submit your questions here in the blog comments, in the YouTube comments, or you can email me at susanecolasanti at gmail.Β I will try to share some decent advice without sounding like a complete tool.

Thanks for reaching out, friendly neighbors. Much love. xoxo

15 thoughts on “help wanted, video 1

  1. Hi, I’m 18. My two closest friends have boyfriends and one of them has blown us off a few times to hang out with him and that has upset us because we’ve had plans before and then she just acts as if we never even had plans.
    Also, recently they’re relationships have started to bother me a bit. Not in that I’m jealous, I love being single and I’m happy, it just bothers me for some reason. I wish i knew why, maybe its because I’ve spent too much time with my friends or something?

  2. You are amazing! I am not a teenager anymore but loved this video regardless. I am 24 and love your books!!!:) YA books rock!

  3. Wow. I love how you write the kinda sappy love stories, but here, you’re just keeping it REAL. It’s amazing. I’d have so looked up to you when I was a teen (I actually still kinda look up to you) because again, this is real. Not sugar coated, not fake and shiny like the teen magazines out there. Wait, ARE there still teen magazines? ANYWAY! You’re like SASSY magazine from when I was a teen–that awesome, amazing magazine that was always in trouble. Love your bluntness and approach. Looking forward to more of these!

  4. Hi im 14 almost 15, and I feel like I’m growing out of my friends. I find myself annoyed by them 23/7 and I desperately want new ones who are more relatable and mature. This year im going into high school which is a great opportunity to make new friends but im really shy. What should I do?

  5. And I just wanted to say that I write books myself and am currently in the process of finishing one of them so I can try to get published πŸ™‚ I love your style of writing and I think something like fate is practically genius lol! You’re an inspiration apart from the book world as well as part of it πŸ™‚ I hope one day you’ll be able to read a book of mine in the near future.


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