keep us where the light is

TGIM! For those of you planning a Summer of Reinvention, there’s nothing like a fresh week for a fresh start. Every summer was going to be my Summer of Reinvention back in high school. You know, the summer where you totally transform yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Where you would meet the boy of your dreams down the shore and live happily ever after. You’d go back to school all shiny new confident and everyone would be blown away by how different you were. School would be a whole new world where you could finally stop caring what other people think.

Not that Summer of Reinvention ever worked out for me. Which I admitted in this guest post for Parents Magazine. But the hope was still there at the beginning of every summer. I’m hoping you achieve your goals this summer, whether that involves reading 100 books or lounging by the pool for 100 days. Although if your goal is the latter, please wear sunblock every single one of those days. At least SPF 50, okay?

Friendly neighbors of Connecticut! I’m doing an event this Friday, June 28 at RJ Julia in Madison at 6:00pm. Three awesome authors will be joining the funtivities as well. You can find event details here. This will probably be my last event until the Less Than Three Conference in St. Louis, so I hope to see those of you who are nearby.

With the whole book release/deadlines/lack of sleep whirlwind winding down, I want to mention a few things that may have been overlooked. Some sweet reviews of All I Need were posted on Hollywood the Write Way, Miss Print, and Miss Literati. A fresh interview is up at Persephone Magazine. And the ad trailer for All I Need ran on the Pretty Little Liars page of the ABC website:

All I Need by Susane Colasanti ad on Pretty Little Liars page

I freaking love that show.

Another thing I love? Non-coincidences. You know that I’m all about the Universe and karma and positive energy. So when my BF/soul mate and I were on his balcony talking about the 4th of July fireworks and two minutes later they started testing some of the 4th of July fireworks on the river right in front of us, I wasn’t even that surprised. I heart the Universe.

But I was surprised when my day planner revealed that next week is July. Really, day planner? What happened to May? We’re already past the summer solstice. I hope you enjoyed the most daylight time we’ll see all year. Glass half full: Summer is officially on. Glass half empty: Daylight time is now decreasing by about two minutes per day. Let’s go with the glass half full. Keep us where the light is. An optimistic attitude brings much goodness. And opportunity for reinvention. And fun non-coincidences. Here’s to a spectacular summer!

5 thoughts on “keep us where the light is

  1. So, this is was so exciting because I’ve been planning to come since you released the date! I have a call-in at work tomorrow, and if they don’t need me, I am soooo there!!! #PrayingThatImOff 🙂


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