Did you participate in Earth Hour? I heard Toronto did an awesome job. I’m not sure if the word got out around here so much, but I got my candles together with determination. Revising my manuscript by candlelight was challenging in the best possible way.

They were playing “Hangin’ Tough” in the gourmet store the other day. It was weird. There were fancy people waiting for their deli selections and old ladies in expensive suits picking out apples and New Kids was all like, “We’re gonna put you in a trance with a funky song!” I’ve been noticing a lot of strange combinations lately. Like salt in hot chocolate. I didn’t get the memo that they go. But apparently, it’s all the rage. My friend Joe likes drinking that in Starbucks, which I usually avoid because taking out a small loan just to buy a frappuccino is not my idea of fun times. Joe asked if I wanted to taste his salty hot chocolate. I was like “That’s okay.” Then he dared me. It was just as gross as I thought. But I won the dare, so the joke’s…well, the joke’s still on me because it was gross.

The musical status was a lot different in Rite Aid. I went in to score some Cadburry Creme Eggs. I do not like those, but someone I make Easter baskets for loves them. I don’t know about other areas, but here in New York those suckers sell out by early March (I hope you got yours, Sharyn!). You’d think stores would just order more. So of course the Cadburry Creme Egg box was totally empty. This didn’t bother me, though. “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” came on, which is the best Andy Gibb song. I was busting a move right there in aisle nine. My taste in music often suggests that I’m about twenty years older. Another good Andy Gibb one is “Shadow Dancing.” It’s the new song on my MySpace, so click on over to enjoy.


You guys were right. Season two of Veronica Mars is just not the same as season one. Season one was magical. That whole Who Killed Lilly plotline was so good. But season two just feels forced. I mean, of course I’m still watching it and I’ll watch season three, it just doesn’t flow as smoothly anymore. And the evil butthead that is Jason Dohring’s character in season two is harshing my JD crush. I’m thinking of watching Flight of the Conchords next. Is that a good show? Those of you following my Twitter know that I cannot stop laughing at that “Business Time” video. Freaking hilarious, yo.

In breaking news, Blake Nelson is reading Waiting for You and liking it! I gave him a galley when I saw him and he read a lot of it on the plane. I’m stoked. Everyone knows you can’t read a book you hate on the plane. There’s something about the whole plane/airport/endless waiting situation that requires entertaining reading.

Once in a while I’ll put something really random in one of my books and then I’ll read another book with that same random thing and I’ll be like, “No way! I used butterscotch krimpets, too!” I love these little discoveries because they make me feel more connected to other authors. Being on the same wavelength is fun times. So when I saw that Carrie Jones had the same exact Sesame Street clip that I was planning to post, I was like, “Shut up! How did you know?” But of course she didn’t know. It’s just that wavelength thing again.

For your viewing pleasure, I present the second installment of the Yip-Yip Martians, the best Sesame Street muppets ever. As my friend Eric already pointed out, the best part is how they extend their protective lower lip over their face when they’re scared (usually with sort of a gong! noise). Enjoy!

definitely something, maybe

Elizabeth Scott is the queen of contests. She’s so generous! She has contests on her blog all the time. And with really good prizes. She gives away tons of her own books, plus other authors’ books and lots of gift certificates. The first-prize winner of her current contest will get to name their own star. She’s celebrating the existence of her new book, Something, Maybe, which was released yesterday. I am really looking forward to reading it!

This one time, Elizabeth’s husband was singing “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner and he was all, “Well I’m hot blooded, chicken at sea…” And she was like, “Um, it’s ‘check it and see’.” I like this example of a mondegreen. Mondegreens are lyrics that we think we’re hearing when we can’t tell what a song is really saying. Like in “Purple Haze”, some people hear “excuse me while I kiss this guy” instead of “excuse me while I kiss the sky.” Elton John’s “Rocket Man” has a bunch. I find everyone’s misheard lyrics fascinating.

Renee (aka The Book Girl) blogged about the Books of Wonder signing. She got pics with everyone! She got to see authors I didn’t even see! Fun fact: In the photo of Renee with Scott Westerfeld, SP can be seen on the left. With my arm. It’s like when the junior high yearbook would come out and there’d be a photo where just my arm is showing on the side and I’d go, “That’s my arm!” I was such a dork.

Penguin did a huge Waiting for You galley mailing and more reviews are popping up. The reviews at Katie’s Book Blog and Hope’s Bookshelf give you more info about the story.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Day Google doodle

You may have noticed Google’s artwork on March 20. If you were like me, you jumped up and went over to pet your Very Hungry Caterpillar stuffed caterpillar. It’s was the book’s 40th anniversary! Infinite thanks to Eric Carle for making the world a better place.

signing of wonder

So here’s how they fit about 40 authors into the Biggest Teen Book Author Signing Ever yesterday at Books of Wonder. We were divided into three groups for signings. I was in the first group for 40 minutes and then I got to mingle with readers. I was seriously stoked to meet everyone.

These girls rocked the house:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

I got to sign jeans! Heck yeah! This was such an excellent idea that I was kind of bummed I didn’t think of it myself. My artistic skills were psyched to be used for something other than scrapbooking.

Hayley wanted me to sign her dictionary:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

Her directions were to pick my favorite word, mark it, and sign. Another totally brill idea! I was like, “You know which word I’m going to pick,” and she went, “Love has already been taken,” and I was all, “Dang it!” So I picked peace, another quality word.

Renee was there!

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

She’s the winner of the Waiting for You contest where I asked you guys to write part of a key scene for the book. She had the most adorable idea. I hope she likes what I did with it.

Fellow Degrassi fan Jeremy was rocking this shirt:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

We were both hardcore fans of the old Degrassi. He’s even been to Degrassi Street, but when I visited Toronto that street was pretty far from the main city area (same with the school they film in), so I didn’t go. I asked the concierge if the Dot was a real place and was sort of laughed at. You can see half of Mitali on the left. She professionally documented the entire event, so I’m looking forward to her pics and comments.

Then I got all fangurl on Blake Nelson. I love love love his books. If you haven’t read any Blake Nelson yet, I recommend starting with Girl. You will be hungry for more. We’ve met before and he knew who I was, so he already knows I’m a serious fan (although I’m sure I still managed to scare him with my intensity). Here’s an action shot of me talking to Blake (blurry from all the action!):

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

Yeah, we stand around having conversations and such. We’re tight like that. Sometimes we even go dancing:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

I heard a rumor that we’re doing this huge signing again next year, so if I didn’t have a chance to see you I hope you can make it then!

here comes the sun

Welcome to spring! Today is the day I look forward to all winter. It is the vernal equinox. It’s all sparkly rainbows and sweet sunshine.

Only, it’s snowing out. A bit. There are flurries.

See, here’s the thing. The first day of spring doesn’t mean that temperatures are instantly in the 60s. There are factors involved. It’s just that I already put my boots away and I will not be taking them out again until, hopefully, December. Boots are part of my Warming Plan*.

Warming Plan:

1. Knee socks (with stripes, hearts, or smiley faces).
2. Boots (Rocket Dog)
3. Hat (must stretch down enough to cover ears; preferably containing a large pom-pom)
4. Scarf (soft and fluffy; may wear two if temperature is below 20 degrees)
5. Gloves (extra-long to cover arms halfway to elbow)
6. Coat (need to get a puffy one for extra insulation without looking like a marshmallow)

*To be implemented every single day of winter, with exceptions for unlayering on freakishly warm days.

It’s such a relief not to wear all of this stuff every time I go out. Walking around in jeans and a T-shirt is delicious. As much as I’d love to bust out the flip-flops, I can’t immediately shift to my first choice of footwear. That’s okay, though, because I just got these:

Rocket Dog rainbow laces

Converse was my first love. They were all I wore in college. I had every single color and wore them until they pretty much fell apart. Now I’m loving the Rocket Dogs. These are so cute! It may not feel like springtime today, but it’s officially a new season. I am past the Warming Plan. The flurries will not psych me out. And there is a revision to finish, so my vernal equinox blog celebration must end. Happy day to you!

good news

Today is a very special day. No, it’s not the first day of spring yet. That’s tomorrow. Today is when Laurie Halse Anderson’s Wintergirls is released! This book is so white hot it needs its own website. In a word, Wintergirls is outstanding. You must read it. These were my impressions after I read the galley.

Want some more good news? Check out Good News Network. All good news, all the time.

Oh, and the awesome YA site Teens Read Too reviewed Waiting for You. Thanks, Steph!