bringing it

Can I just say how happy I am that CDs still exist? I love looking at the photos and artwork in CD booklets, reading the liner notes, having something tangible to connect me to the music even more. We’re heading toward a time when CDs will be as ancient as VHS tapes. But for now, I’m adoring the CD booklet for Coldplay’s Mylo Zyloto. The artwork is beautiful.

Mylo Zyloto by Coldplay

Every song on this album is beautiful. Just like on every other Coldplay album. I’m beyond impressed with how Coldplay keeps bringing it. And the more I listen to “Paradise”, the more I’m convinced Chris Martin knew me in high school. Because that song was me every night.

Also bringing it: One Tree Hill. How is that show still so good after all these years? I’m Netflixing last season now and it’s freaking amazing. For a show to have you on the edge of your seat after eight seasons is a major accomplishment. Snaps for Mark Schwahn!

Snaps are also deserved by Demetri Martin. Demetri is my fave comedian. I was a fan way before his Comedy Central show when he blew up after everyone discovered his genius ways. I even got to meet him after a show last year. How stoked was I to find out he’s touring again? And that you can enter to win a chance to meet him backstage? Fellow Demetri Martin lovers can enter here to win four tickets and backstage passes to hang with Demetri on his tour. A complete listing of his tour schedule is here.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, I found out that my husband (aka John Krasinski) is going to be on Sesame Street tomorrow! John Krasinski + Sesame Street = ultimate sweetness. I’ll leave you with this clip to make you smile. Enjoy!


serendipity day

December 20 means it’s time to celebrate Serendipity Day! I’m reposting this from last year to share the magic of this very special day with you. Here’s to fate, soul mates, and always following your heart.


Today is Serendipity Day, aka Serendipity Do-Da, aka Do-Da Day.

You would probably like an explanation.

If you didn’t see the movie Serendipity, then not to be bossy? But you really need to go ahead and do that. It’s all about fate and destiny and energy and has some awesome New York scenes. Even if you did see it, you probably didn’t pick up on the fact that Jonathan and Sara meet on December 20. I’m obsessive about those sorts of details, so I totally did. And immediately made a note that December 20 will always and forever be known as Serendipity Day.

When they meet, Jonathan and Sara are in Bloomingdale’s trying to grab the same pair of gloves. You know how sometimes you meet someone and there’s this instant, amazing connection? That’s what happens to them. So of course they can’t just go their separate ways. They have to go to Serendipity 3 (which is only a few blocks away – love the accuracy) for frozen hot chocolates. And then they go ice skating in Central Park. It’s one of those magical New York nights, filled with excitement and possibility.

Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager at Serendipity

But then.

When Jonathan writes down his number for Sara, the wind blows it away. She thinks it’s a sign that they’re not meant to be together. Or at least, not right now. She’s all about fate and destiny. So she makes him write his name and number on the back of a five-dollar bill, which she immediately uses to buy mints. Sara’s idea is that if the five-dollar bill makes its way back to her, then they’re meant to be together.

Good, right?

If you’ve read Something Like Fate, you can understand why I love this movie. I love it so much that my friend Joe and I celebrate Serendipity Day by reenacting the original Serendipity Day’s events. First, we put our names in at Serendipity. There’s usually a three-hour wait for a table. I’m not exaggerating. Around the holidays, is it a gorgeous winter wonderland in there, all sparkly lights and trees and tinsel. Everyone wants in. But it’s cool because we need those three hours for the rest of the events. We head over to Bloomingdale’s, where we both grab a pair of gloves at the same glove counter. That counter doesn’t have gloves anymore so we have to bring the gloves over, but it still counts. Then it’s off to Wollman Rink in Central Park. It is always the Coldest Night Ever when we do this. I don’t know how to ice skate, so we kind of just stand there and watch the glittery skyline and send positive energy out into the Universe.

Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager at Wollman Rink in Central Park

Then it’s frozen hot chocolate time! In the movie, Jonathan and Sara get red and blue straws in theirs. But we always get regular straws. So I asked about the red and blue ones and found out that they don’t have those anymore. But those frozen hot chocolates are the best in the world, so who cares? If Joe and I are each at a point in our lives where we’re single, we take out a five-dollar bill and write our name and number on the back. Then we give them to the waiter as part of his tip. Not that anyone ever called us. But that’s not the point. The point is that we put our energy out there. The city is magic. It makes magical things happen.

Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager, reunited

So. How can you celebrate the Do-Da Day if you’re not here in New York? Well, if you’re already with your soul mate, you can make frozen hot chocolates and call it a day. But if you are still searching, send positive energy out into the Universe today. Take some time to write in your journal. Visualize what you want life to be like with your soul mate. And make a plan to take steps towards finding them. All of these things will help you get closer to turning your dream into reality.

Oh, and P.S.? Serendipity is also home of the $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae, served in a Baccarat crystal goblet (which you get to take home), made with the world’s most expensive chocolate, and covered in 23K edible gold leaf:

Golden Opulence Sundae at Serendipity

Happy Serendipity Day!

you rock

You guys. I cannot thank you enough for all of the support, encouragement, and positive energy you sent me before my surgery. Your kindness totally helped me relax. It made me feel so much better to read all of your comments here and on Facebook. Thank you for sharing stories of women you know who have endured the pain and suffering of fibroids. Fortunately, lots of women with fibroids don’t experience symptoms. But for those of us who have, we will fight on.

My readers are rock stars. I love you all.

I’m happy to report that my surgery was successful! It was even more successful than my doctor first predicted. We won’t know for sure how much it will change my life for a while, but we’re feeling super positive that I am fixed forever.

Excited to recover.

Excited to get my life back.

One most epic wish manifested, two to go. This is the start of many more amazing things to come in 2012!

susane vs. fibroid

I’m having surgery tomorrow.

I’m kind of terrified.

Recently I mentioned that I’d been dealing with a health issue for a while. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post anything specific about it. But this is actually a very common issue among women, so I’ve decided to share in case any of you have to face the same problem at some point. Which I really hope you don’t.

A radiologist told me that about 90% of women get fibroids at some point in their life. Fibroids usually grow in or around the uterus and can cause major problems. A lot of pain. A lot of bleeding. I have a very small fibroid. You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal. But this freaking fibroid stole my entire summer. It took away work days. There were many days this summer and fall where I couldn’t stand up straight, or sit in a chair, or even leave my apartment. I don’t want to gross you out with the details, but it was disgusting. Five months of my life were a nightmare. Which, hey, compared to six years of that whole junior high/high school nightmare, wasn’t so bad! My life will never be that bad again. This knowledge comforts me.

It’s also comforting to hear about people who’ve survived much worse medical issues. David Letterman had a quintuple bypass. A friend of mine had a quadruple bypass, during which his heart was removed and put on a plate. A friend’s mom just had over two feet of intestine cut out. Another friend’s mom just had a hip replacement and was walking around the next day. Other people’s stories make my own less scary. They are all fighters and I will fight on as they have.

But I’m still scared. So if you could send some positive energy my way tomorrow, I would very much appreciate it.

Tomorrow morning I will get into Jack Bauer mode. Jack Bauer is going dark. He’s taking this fibroid down da Vinci style. You will not win this one, fibroid. Drop your weapon! You are DONE.

holiday cheer

Congrats to my holiday contest winner, Catherine S.! I was so impressed with all of the correct answers I received. To refresh your memory, the trivia question was this: Which two characters from Take Me There appear in So Much Closer? Both first and last names are required. The correct answer: Rhiannon Ferrara and Danny Trager. In So Much Closer, Brooke meets Ree doing some moon sketching near the Zen garden. And Danny is spotted at Strawberry Fields jamming on his guitar with the other Beatles fans. Connecting my books in little ways like these is something I’ve loved doing from the start. I’m actually working up to something way bigger. Vague much? Sorry, it’s a top secret endeavor. But all will be revealed eventually…

More holiday cheer is in the house. You know how I’ve been obsessing over the lack of Christmas tree fragrance this year? Consider that mystery solved! I was walking by a Christmas tree lot (stand? pop-up?) on the corner of Leroy and Hudson the other day. As always, I stopped to sniff the trees. I was again disappointed by the lack of pine fragrance. So I asked the guys in charge what was up. Dude! They totally knew! A combination of warmer temps and lack of rain has resulted in pine needles being less brittle. When it’s colder, brittle pine needles snap off, allowing more sap scent to escape. Hydration also causes the scent to be emitted. I’m so relieved to know this is meteorologically related and not, say, the end of the world. Shout-out to Scott of SoHo Trees for explaining everything! They even gave me a piece of tree trunk for my radiator. Which smells almost as good as my new old-school snack addiction, Jiffy Pop.

Jiffy Pop is delicious

If you live here in New York and are looking for a tree, please know that SoHo Trees delivers and decorates for you. Here’s Kelly Ripa raving over how awesome they are.

Speaking of Christmas trees, I’m going to see the tree at Rockefeller Center tomorrow. You would think that I’d already seen the tree since I live like five subway stops from 30 Rock. But no. It’s just one of those touristy things I never do unless a friend is visiting (along with battling the crowds in Times Square, going to the top of the Empire State Building, and…I was going to say visiting the Statue of Liberty, but I’ve actually never visited. But I can see the Statue of Liberty from Hudson River Park and it’s always comforting). My good friend from high school, Paula, is visiting tomorrow. We’re seeing the tree and doing other festive Christmasy things that I wouldn’t normally do on my own. So yay for friends that bring the holiday cheer!

I probably shouldn’t mention this in the midst of all the cheer. But I feel compelled to tell you that I’m not sending out holiday cards this year. Not to be a Grinch about it, but it seems like hardly anyone sends them anymore. Or appreciates them. It’s one of those beloved traditions that’s fading. I realize I’m not helping. I just…I don’t know. This time of year is always hard for me. The post office threatening to cut Saturday delivery and eliminating tons of locations makes me sad, both as a vintage mail enthusiast and a philatelist. Clearly, I am in need of a mood enhancer. Good thing I’ll be seeing the big tree tomorrow. And the holiday windows in midtown. Maybe we’ll even go to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolates. That place is seriously decorated. And seriously delicious. Bring on the chocolate…and the cheer!

pajants = love

Perhaps you saw the article in PW today about how a bunch of YA authors got together last weekend to celebrate the magnificence of the Pajants. Let me tell you, it was a Pajants rager!

The best part for me (other than chilling with my fellow YA authors) was finally getting to meet Lauren Myracle. I’ve wanted to meet her for years. Our paths were always crossing a bit crookedly and I kept missing my chances and I was beginning to think that wacky, brightly-colored-hair-streak chick was a figment of my imagination. But then there she was. So I went up to introduce myself and I was like, “Hi, I’m Susane.” And she went, “Susane Colasanti?”

Dude. Lauren Myracle totally knew who I was. She even said she was a fan!

Lauren is even more fun and energetic than I expected. We bonded over Rocket Dogs, being the spazzes we are, and Bridesmaids. We even recreated the brunch “Will you marry me?” scene with stuff on our teeth at the after party. It has been confirmed. Lauren Myracle and I often bring attitude.

Susane Colasanti and Lauren Myracle often bring attitude

Famous book blogger Ron Hogan caught us on video talking about what books we’re reading. Thanks, Ron!

The Pajants rager was buzzing with excitement. Jon Scieszka told me the best news ever. Are you ready for it? He said I could tell you. Okay…Jon Scieszka is writing – wait for it – a teen novel. A teen novel! You KNOW this is going to be the best teen novel ever. He hasn’t even started it yet and I can’t. freaking. wait. Additionally awesome? Is how Jon sat on the floor with everyone else, despite his ambassador status. He’s not one of those uptight ambassadors who throws a tantrum when his throne is unavailable. Seriously, Jon is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I was thrilled that he was there. I would have been more thrilled if he’d worn the Pajants, but hey. It’s not a perfect world.

The whole Pajants thing was inspired by Ann Brashares. So you can imagine how stoked we all were to have her participate in the rager. She even wore the Pajants! It was my first time meeting Ann and I could not get over how profoundly sweet and sincere she is. You know how some people just have this depth of compassion in their eyes? She has such a peaceful energy. I bet her aura is, like, sparkly powder blue. She signed the Pajants PAJANTS = LOVE. How perfect is that?

None of this would have been possible without Sarah Mlynowski and Courtney Sheinmel, hardcore Pajanters who organized the event. Thanks for getting us all together, ladies! Extra loud shout-out to E. Lockhart for putting together an incredibly comprehensive slideshow of each author’s time in the Pajants. You can watch the slideshow here. And special thanks to Peter Glassman at Books of Wonder for hosting all of us.

Peter Glassman and Susane Colasanti at Books of Wonder

We love you, Peter!

holiday contest

After sniffing lots of Christmas trees on the street and being disappointed that none of them actually smell like Christmas trees this year, I finally found some authentic ones to sniff. Which has sparked the holiday spirit.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a special contest for you? Let’s rock it TGIM giving style with my special holiday contest! You can win a book for you – and one for a friend! One winner may select two of the following books: Something Like Fate (paperback), So Much Closer (hardcover), or Keep Holding On (ARC). Plus I’ll wrap your books for some extra special holiday flair.

To enter:

Answer this question: Which two characters from Take Me There appear in So Much Closer? Both first and last names are required. Email your answer to me at susanecolasanti [at] gmail [dot] com. Do not leave your answer in the comments.

Contest rules:

1. Entries must be emailed by Friday, December 9 at 11:11 pm.

2. One winner will be randomly selected from the correct responses received.

3. The winner will be contacted by email.

4. This giveaway is open to US residents only. However, if you live abroad and have a contact in the States who can receive the prize for you, it can be sent to their address.

Good luck!

pajants party

Remember the Twitterhood of the Butt Lifting Pajants? And when I wore the Pajants to that swanky Tribeca bar and everyone stared at me like the weirdo I am? And then I wore the Pajants on the subway home and everyone stared some more? Good times, yo.

Now get ready for this. A ton of YA authors who wore and signed the Pajants will be getting together for a super fun Pajants Party! And you’re invited! Party info:

Saturday, December 3, 2011
3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Books of Wonder
18 West 18th Street, New York, NY 

So many authors of various shapes and sizes (and, um, genders) have worn the Pajants, proving that the Pajants indeed possess magical qualities. And they really do lift your butt, as fellow YA author Tyra Banks graciously demonstrated for us:

Tyra Banks in the Pajants

I know it’s hard to believe, but all of these amazing authors will be at the Pajants Party:

Tara Altebrando
Jen Calonita
Susane Colasanti
Julia Devillers
Dan Erenhaft
Elizabeth Eulberg
David Macinnis Gill
Alan Gratz
Adele Griffin
Maureen Johnson
E. Lockhart
Leslie Margolis
Sarah Mlynowski
Lauren Myracle
Courtney Sheinmel
Jennifer E. Smith
Melissa Walker
Robin Wasserman

Plus! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants author Ann Brashares will be in the house! I heard that Ann will actually be wearing the Pajants. You do not want to miss that.

Hope to see you there!