ginormous contest winners

Woot! The winners of my Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest have been selected! You guys sent in such beautiful summer collages. Choosing only three winners was mad difficult. In the end, I went with three gorgeous collages that feel so much like summer I’m ready to hit the beach right this second.

First prize goes to Camille N. for her brightly colored summery sensation:

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest winner

There’s just something about this collage that screams summer. The way Camille designed the images and colors and fonts to all come together in a way that totally feels like summer really spoke to me. Makes me want to kick back on the hammock with a good book all afternoon. Congrats, Camille!

Second prize goes to Nicole M.

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest winner

Nicole calls this collage “Summer Nights.” I am definitely feeling the summer night magic here!

Carey S. won third prize with her sweetly nostalgic collage:

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest winner

I adore the simplicity and peacefulness of this one. And I love the fortune cookie fortune: Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny.

An honorable mention goes to Julie P. for her unique artwork:

Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest honorable mention

Congratulations to all of my Ginormous Contest winners! Catch you again next year around this time when my eighth novel comes out. Until then, please keep an eye out for more contests and giveaways on my Twitter and Facebook.

I’ll be out by the pool if you need me.

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