office supplies

Just to clarify how serious my Office obsession is, I’d like to share some things I got at the NBC Store:

Office supplies

My stash includes a Jam tee, a Dunder Mifflin mousepad, a Dunder Mifflin stress ball, The Office door sign, and bumper stickers for my scrapbook. And yes, that is a magnet of Pam’s office drawing! So cool.

I was going to order these things online, but then I was like, Dude. I live a few subway stops from 30 Rock. I can totally go and immerse myself in Office heaven! And wow, what a rush it was. That place is crazy! They had standard supplies like Dunder Mifflin coffee thermoses and Michael’s World’s Best Boss mug. But they took it up a notch. They had those plush Dunder Mifflin robes that were given to employees for Christmas in season two. They had Pam’s office drawing on paper. Abundant Dundies. They even had Support the Rabid arm bands from the Fun Run. But the thing that made me laugh out loud was a collection of Serenity by Jan candles. The candles came in scents like Bonfire (the one that Jan made Jim sniff) and Serenity. Serenity smells like how you’d imagine Jan would make a calming candle smell. Like she doesn’t quite have a grip.

Key chains were sold out, so I’ll be returning for one. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to take pictures, but if so I will document the scene. Right when you go in, there’s a cardboard cutout of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin that I want to share with you. 30 Rock at 30 Rock. How meta.

8 thoughts on “office supplies

  1. That place sounds awesome. I didn’t even know they had so much merchandise, they really went all out! Dunder Mifflin robes? Aaahhh, I should get some for college. xD

  2. The one time I went to New York was back when the office was in season one so there wasn’t much. Last year I was in Target and going through the dollar bins and found a bunch of The Office supplies. They had quote pens, post its that had That’s What She Said! and magnets of the cast. I picked up one of each of everything and told myself I’d get more when I went back. The next week the shelves had been replaced with coloring books. Now I feel that my collection is priceless and its in a box where my husband is saying, “just use it!” and I’m like, “NO! Do you realize how priceless this is? I’m going to keep the plastic on and stick it to a wall just to look at.” I mean, what happens when you use the last post it or the pens run out of ink? Then you’re stuck.


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