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Today I’m the guest blogger over at YA New York.  I wrote about how my purpose in life is to help teens in some way and how S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders was the catalyst for my future writing career.

YA New York is a fabulous new site created by Sabrina Banes, who blogged about last week’s Teen Author Reading Night.  You can read her commentary here.  I was honored to be reading from Take Me There with E. Lockhart and Rachel Vail, as they are two of my absolute fave authors.  They are immensely talented and have transformed the landscape of the young-adult book world into something spectacular.

Here’s Sabrina with Melissa Walker.

Sabrina Banes and Melissa Walker

Melissa’s new book, Violet in Private, will be released on August 5.  How psyched was I to open my August Teen Vogue and see that Melissa is a contributor?  She wrote an article on girl crushes and totally rocked the magazine.

There would be no Teen Author Reading Night without event master David Levithan.  I had to take this photo with David because he was wearing a Death Cab for Cutie T-shirt and I love love love the Death Cab.  Transatlanticism is a work of genius.

Susane Colasanti and David Levithan

Contest alert!  The Book Muncher is giving away these books to celebrate her 100th post:

The Book Muncher

You can go here to win.  Entries must be received by July 15 (midnight PST).  Thanks, Rachael!

the cure is the cure

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

There is no person on this planet more intense than The Cure’s lead singer, Robert Smith.  Or any other planet.

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

When It Happens would not have been possible to write without The Cure continuously playing.  Almost every scene in that book is set to a Cure song in my mind.  I’ve got this thing for nostalgia, but not the normal kind of nostalgia where you’re remembering stuff you’ve been through all fondly and missing it.  I have the kind of nostalgia for times I never experienced.  But being at The Cure concert last Friday was like senior year all over again, with the sucky parts removed.

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

Some people think I’m crazy for spending way too much money for a second-row floor seat at a John Mayer concert.  But dude.  Being close enough for Michael Stipe’s sweat to fling in my eye at an R.E.M. concert is a priceless experience.  So was having fourth-row center floor seats to The Cure at Madison Square Garden.  And these were a gift from SP, so even better.  He’s the best boyfriend ever!

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

You know that stranded on a desert island game where you have to give three CDs you’d take with you to listen to for the rest of your life?  I’d only take one.  Disintegration.  And I’d never ever get tired of it.  John Mayer’s Heavier Things is like that too, but The Cure was with me back when I was surviving high school.  It got me through things.

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

Before the concert, Laila and I made our Top Five Cure Songs lists and had a pre-concert rock out session.  They played four of my songs!  “Hot Hot Hot!!!,” “Close To Me,” “Pictures of You,” and my all-time fave Cure song, “Fascination Street.”  When they started “Fascination Street,” I thought I might have a heart attack.  I almost couldn’t take it, it was so intense.

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

Robert’s guitar has googly eyes.  I always knew he was a kindred spirit.  It has googly eyes and stars and a Parental Advisory sticker.  And he totally made eye contact with me.  But that’s not something you look at through a camera lens.

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

Nights like these are ones I will never forget.  So when I have nostalgia for this time in my life twenty years from now, I’ll have real things to remember.

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

it’s all good

Sparkly congrats to the winners of my first official contest!  Ultimate contest winner Renee C. will have her writing published in my third book, Waiting for You, which will be released next summer.  Renee’s idea was so cute!  The first runner-up is Rachael S., otherwise known as The Book Muncher.  And the second runner-up is Mia F.  Huzzahs for all of your fabulous entries!

Plenty of Paper reviewer Heather was so sweet about When It Happens.  She was a guest reviewer over at The Story Siren.  You can read Heather’s review here.

Amy has a really cute LiveJournal icon.  She wrote about how When It Happens connected to her own life.  It’s all about the connections, this whole life thing.

teen author reading night

The fabulous David Levithan organizes an exciting event here in New York called Teen Author Reading Night.  That’s where you get to hear authors read from their recent teen novels and ask your burning questions.  How fun is that?  I’ve been to many reading nights as an audience member, but this will be my first time as a reader.

I’ll be reading from Take Me There this Wednesday, June 25.  The festivities will rock from 6:00 to 7:30 at the NYPL Jefferson Market Branch, located at 425 6th Avenue (at 10th Street).  These most excellent authors will also be reading:

John Coy, Box Out
Sarah Beth Durst, Out of the Wild
Daphne Grab, Alive and Well in Prague, New York
E. Lockhart and Sarah Mlynowski, How to Be Bad
Randi Reisfeld, Rehab
Rachel Vail, Lucky

I’d love to see you there!

summer solstice

A lot of people consider Memorial Day weekend to be the beginning of summer.  But not me.  I love the springtime, so I enjoy a full three months of spring.  For me, summer will always begin on its actual start day, which is the summer solstice.  This year, the summer solstice is tomorrow at midnight.  What will you do to celebrate?

Another thing about the summer solstice is that it’s the last day to enter my first official contest!  You have all day tomorrow to enter, in case you’re still polishing your entry.  You can win signed copies of Take Me There, When It Happens, or have some of your writing published in my third book, Waiting for You. I am awaiting your dazzling brilliance!

If you’re not planning a whole big solstice party, celebrate one thing in your life that is making you feel warm and fuzzy these days.  Here’s mine:

Susane Colasanti with Take Me There display     Take Me There by Susane Colasanti display header

The Take Me There floor display in Barnes & Noble!

moma part two

This MoMA entry is all about fun with geometry!

Here’s a page from the Russian children’s book About Two Squares.  It’s about a red square and a black square that fly to Earth from space.  I really like that!  And I thought it would have been cool if the squares had magic powers or something.  But actually, the squares represented the superiority of the new Soviet order (red square) over the old (black square).

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

This is Matthew Brannon’s The Never That Lasts Forever.  It’s a huge cut-out covering almost an entire wall.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Brian Belott’s Books, books, books, books, books, books, and books, in which children’s books found at thrift stores were collaged with all sorts of interesting patterns and shapes.

I love love love Alexander Calder’s mobiles.  His minimalist style and simplicity of streamlined shapes and colors always look so peaceful to me.  His mobiles are especially fascinating because as they slowly move and rotate, new angles of the design are discovered.  Here are two views of Lobster Trap & Fish Tail from 1939.  It hangs over a staircase.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008The fascinating Plan for World Trade Monopoly by Oyvind Fahlstrom.  The first photo is the entire piece and the second is my favorite detail.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008     Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Rothko’s No. 5 / No. 22 from 1950.  Picasso’s Guitar from 1913.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008     Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

A portfolio of eight double-sided screenprints by Francois Morellet.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Random stick-figure looking dudes say bye for now.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

moma part one

The Museum of Modern Art is so exciting right now!  Their current exhibits are all about light and motion and geometry, with all of these interactive light installations.  So of course I’m sharing my fave MoMA works of art with you here.  I’ve divided my photos into two (sort of) categories, featuring light (part one today) and geometry (part two tomorrow).

As part of Olafur Eliasson’s Take your tIme, this installation rocked in its simplicity.  Square room, white walls, white lights in the center surrounded by diffraction gratings and rotating color plates.  The diffraction gratings separate the white light into its visible spectrum colors, otherwise known as ROY G BIV.  Roy was a good guy.


There was a circular area with a continuous light wall.  You were supposed to stand really close to the wall and stare at its color.  About every 20 seconds, the color changed.  Each color inspires a unique emotional response (the blue was calming, but the yellow was thrilling).  Here’s the light wall in the background being admired by kids on a field trip.  Every time the color changed, they were all like, “Oooooohh!  Greeeeen!”

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Several cool films can be watched.  This one had found objects changing over time.  I have a thing for old typewriter keys, so I liked watching this typewriter slowly being covered by snowflakes.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

During the MoMA’s recent renovation, lots of new windows and tons more natural light were incorporated.  It changed the whole feel of the museum.  The space is open and connects with the surrounding city environment.  One windowed wall is entirely covered by connecting shapes of mirror and glass, forming different angles and bringing the outside buildings, trees, and sky in to the observer.  I am upside down in the first photo.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

This is Liam Gillick’s Underground (Trailer for a Book) and an immersive light installation containing mist.

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Museum of Modern Art, June 2008

Tomorrow:  Fun with geometry!

Susane Colasanti at the Museum of Modern Art, June 2008


This is the last week to enter my contest (win existing books + write some dialogue for my next book = sweet deal), so check out the contest rules here if you haven’t entered yet.

Y.A. New York reviewed Take Me There.  This is a new site, so go on over and give props.  Its title is based on the premise that a lot of young-adult book writers live here in New York, but Sabrinacovers all YA authors globally.  Also, The Book Muncher reviewed When It Happens.  Rachael has been munching strong since last year, so visit her archives for great reviews and commentaries.

A few more locations have been added to the Take Me There photo tour, like the slanty-top building with the light stripes show!  Dude, that building rocks.  Plus, you can hear the Take Me There playlist on MySpace.

Congrats to the winners of Book Chic’s book giveaway, Kelly B. and Heather L.!  And if you want to know some more about Book Chic, you can read Harmony Book Review’s interview with him.  Yes, him.

lucky day

Back in the day, I got sick of dreading all of the impending havoc that Friday the 13th inevitably wreaked.  So I decided that Friday the 13th was going to be my lucky day from now on.  And guess what?  It is!  May you also feel the power of this lucky day.

In case you haven’t heard the big news yet, Laurie Halse Anderson received the 2008 ALAN Award!  Laurie is one of the most amazing authors and people I know.  She deserves nothing but happy things with sparkles on them, and this definitely qualifies!  You can read about her most excellent honor here.  Congrats to Laurie for reaching out to so many teens and making this world a better place.

Your lucky day may be rapidly approaching.  There’s only one week left to enter my contest to win signed copies of When It Happens and Take Me There, plus have some of your writing published in my next book.  Check out the contest rules and enter soon!

Current Netflix viewing:  All three seasons of Degrassi Junior High, in preparation for seeing Degrassi:  The Next Generation.  And also because I think it totally rules that I can have a Degrassi Junior High marathon 20 years later.  The show was new when I was in junior high and, the dedicated PBS viewer that I was, really spoke to me.  I even got to attend a private screening of new episodes and give feedback to the producers.  Channel Thirteen selected some junior high school newspaper editors in the Tri-State area and I was one of them.  So there’s love here.

Last week or so I wrote about how perfectly Freaks and Geeks portrays the horror of gym class, especially with picking teams.  Here’s that clip, in which it is not Bill Haverchuck’s lucky day.

new adventures in technology

So I recently achieved a massive technological advancement by purchasing my first digital camera.  Not like I don’t enjoy Sarah Dessen calling me Old School because of my disposable Kodaks.  But it was time.  I decided on the Nikon Coolpix S550 (which doesn’t come in exciting colors like hot pink, but black is always classic) because it is minuscule and takes photos quickly.  Nice.  At first I took some random test shots around my place.  I snapped my Lloyd Dobler poster:

Lloyd Dobler

I snapped some of my DVDs:


Then SP and I went to dinner and I snapped him enjoying his bread:


Reason #73 why I love springtime:  Italian dinners in restaurant backyard gardens!

My digital camera skills have improved.  In celebration, I’ll be posting awesome photos of today’s MoMA excursion soon for your viewing enjoyment.

Next up:  That sexy new iPhone.  Or a microwave.  No wait, a TV so I can watch DVDs not on my iBook.  Oh yeah right.  As if I’m fooling anyone.  But hey, I did just get a cordless phone, so anything’s possible.