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TGIM! I hope your week is off to a gorgeous start.

A few fun events are coming up this week…

Tuesday, May 28: I’ll be doing a Twitter chat from 7:00 to 8:00pm EST. Want to participate? Follow me on Twitter and tweet your questions with the hashtag #allineed. Three random tweeters will win signed hardcovers of All I Need. To make the giveaway even more exciting, it’s international!

Wednesday, May 29: New York City! It’s Teen Author Carnival time again. Join us at New York Public Library’s Jefferson Market branch (425 6th Avenue, at 10th Street) from 6:30 to 9:00pm for panel discussions and signings. You may bring as many books as you’d like to be signed. Here’s the schedule:

Teen Author Carnival 2013

Thursday, May 30: Will you be at BEA? Me too! I’ll be signing from 3:00 to 3:30pm at Table 3 in the formal signing area. Let’s show the Javits Center how it’s done.

My blog tour continues this week with a chance for you to win a signed copy of All I Need at each stop. Thanks to Good Books and Good Wine for hosting the lastest tour stop. Check out the blog tour schedule and kick back with 10 Rules for a Spectacular Summer.

I’m on deadline with a revision and can’t come out to play. Promise to have some extra fun in the sun (with lots of sunblock and a big floppy straw hat) for me? Thanks!


Here’s why I love my readers. Well, there are so many reasons, but here’s one of them. I’ve been traveling for book events for the past week. Laundry is piling up. The bathroom needs to be cleaned. Book releases are exciting…as long as you don’t mind eating cereal for dinner because you still need to get to the grocery store. Oh wait. Cereal requires milk. Scrap that.

So yeah. I haven’t had a chance to swing by Barnes & Noble to document the All I Need display. Which is why I was stoked when devoted readers Sara, Catherine, and Amber posted pics on Facebook. Not just of the display. They also posted pics of All I Need in the front-of-store bestsellers section. Sitting next to massive New York Times bestsellers like The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent. Hitting the NYT list has been a big dream of mine for many years. All I Need has only been out for two days and it’s already playing with the big kids. Does this mean I’m about to hit the list?!

All I Need, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars

::pauses to compose self::

I am knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, and avoiding walking under ladders. Not that any of those things will help. You are the reason this book is gaining traction. Thanks to everyone who has already bought a copy or is planning to. I am eternally grateful for your support.

As if this wasn’t ginormous enough, my Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest is still on. You can win a signed copy of All I Need, plus any of my other books. Here’s how to enter.

Today’s stop on the All I Need blog tour is hosted by Alice Marvels. Check it out for another spectacular summer rule.

I’ll leave you with this thought about today. May 23 is the day Tom met Autumn at the end of (500) Days of Summer. Which makes today auspicious. So keep your eyes open, friendly neighbors. You never know when you’ll meet someone who will change your life in the most ginormous ways…

summer love and soul mates

Yesterday was an amazing pub day! There’s always too much to do on pub day and not enough time. Keeping up with everything online. Being on deadline with a revision at the same time (which seems to happen every year). Oh, and here’s one for the Of Course File: Of course yesterday was the one day a year that my building’s boiler was cleaned and we had no water. But that was no problem. My BF/soul mate took very good care of me at his place. He served me strawberries and warm Entenmann’s pecan danish while I struggled to keep up with everything that was due all at once. He even drove me to last night’s event because he really wanted to be there. How cute is he?

He is so cute that I just had to talk about him in this video interview with RT Book Reviews. All I Need is a sweet summer romance about soul mates. Those of you who’ve read my books know that I’m obsessed with soul mates. That immediate, undeniable connection. The feeling that you’ve know this person your whole life even though you met three seconds ago. Finally feeling the way you’ve always wanted to feel with someone. I’ve been writing about those feelings for years, book after book for seven novels, dreaming about the soul mate I would meet one day. And now he’s here. Dreams do become reality if you never stop believing.

Speaking of summer love and soul mates, asked me to share a bit about my inspiration for All I Need. I hope that by the time readers finish the last sentence, they will believe in the possibility of true love. You can read the guest post here.

In other fun feature news, Penguin Teen interviewed me for their Author Spotlight. I’m feeling the love.

The All I Need blog tour continues with your chance to win a signed copy of the book. Check out today’s stop at Anna Reads.

Are you in the northern New Jersey area? I’m doing an event with the adorable Sarah Mlynowski at Books & Greetings in Northvale today at 4:00pm. Hope to see you there!

all i need pub day!

Pub day is here! Pub day is here! All I Need is out in the world today!

All I Need by Susane Colasanti

::throws confetti at random strangers::
::busts out dorky happy dance::
::makes total fool of self::

Some pub day goodies for you:

I’m kicking off my event schedule tonight at 7:00pm with Beach Bag Book Club on Long Island! Tonight’s pub day event will be at the North Bellmore Public Library in North Bellmore. And yes, there will be cake.

Bookish has launched the first video of my Help Wanted series. I’ll be doing a video series in which I share advice about relationships and whatnot. Help Wanted will eventually move to my YouTube, but for now you can see the exclusive launch on Bookish.

You can read the first two chapters of All I Need in my Scribd Chapter Sampler. The sampler also includes excerpts from my other books.

The All I Need book trailer will get you in the mood for summer. Love the ocean wave sound effects. And for retro jam sounds, you can listen to the official playlist on Spotify or check it here.

And! I’ll be doing a blog tour over the next two weeks with a chance for you to win a signed copy of All I Need at each stop. Today’s stop is over at Once Upon a Twilight. The complete blog tour schedule is here.

After waiting and planning and (hopefully not too obnoxiously) promoting and becoming increasingly stoked, pub day is always epic. I’m so happy that this book is out for you to read. I’m so thankful to all of you who read my books and have been sharing your excitement about this new one with me. Thank you for making today an extra special sparkly happy day. Much love. xoxo

all i need is tomorrow

How excited am I for tomorrow? After months of waiting for pub day, All I Need will be out in the world tomorrow.

So. Freaking. Excited.

I’m doing a pub day event (with cake!) tomorrow, May 21 on Long Island. And I’ll be doing an event in upstate New Jersey with the adorable Sarah Mlynowski on Wednesday, May 22. Here’s my complete event schedule.

The All I Need blog tour kicked off today over at Forever YA. Don’t you just love Forever YA? They’re sharing the official All I Need playlist (i.e. my ultimate summer mix tape). Plus you can win a signed copy of All I Need. Dude, you can win a signed copy of All I Need at every single blog tour stop over the next two weeks! How awesome is that? Here’s the blog tour schedule.

Are you on Goodreads? I’m answering your questions today – and only today – at my Featured Author Group. Join the group and ask away.

Growing up in New Jersey, my newspaper was The Star-Ledger. I used to spend weekends and summers at my grandparents’ house. I remember how much I loved the Sunday comics, how we’d pass them around and decide which was the funniest. So it’s especially nostalgic that All I Need was reviewed in the Sunday Star-Ledger yesterday. You can read the review here. I’m not sure how long the link will be up, so I’ve included the review below. A sweet full-circle moment 🙂

See you tomorrow, friendly neighbors!


It always comes down to timing — with love, jobs, even what books we feel like reading.

Like so many, I wish I could be down the Shore now, but on a week when work commitments make that impossible, reading about Sea Bright as the backdrop for a young adult novel was good timing.

There’s a sweet earnestness to All I Need, which is neither for the cynical nor those who can’t remember the exquisite pull of first love. In the case of Skye and Seth, it may also be a last love.

They could be that rare couple who meet as teenagers and stay together. The book’s device is to tell the romance from Skye’s perspective and, in the next chapter, from Seth’s. All chapters are song titles, from “Bring on the Night” (The Police) to “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” (New Kids on the Block).

Susane Colasanti, who grew up in Peapack-Gladstone, does a good job of getting inside the head of a girl about to start her senior year of high school and a boy about to go to college.

Lately, young adult novels may have eclipsed memoirs as the must-write book — but like books of any genre, they must be written well to hold readers.

The lightness of this story springs from the fact that Skye is looking for the sort of loving relationship her parents enjoy. If that’s sappy, so be it. There’s nothing preachy about the book, and there are worse things than having a teenager aspire to a healthy relationship.

Here, Skye watches her parents just before the annual end-of-summer party:

“My parents are sitting together on a blanket. They’re staring out at the ocean. Mom leaning against Dad, still happy to be married after twenty-one years. That’s all I need. To find a soul mate to share my life with. To have a love so epic it will never die.”

She grew up cosseted in Newfoundland during the school year and in one of the fancier houses in Sea Bright in the summer. Through most of the book, Seth’s parents are separated. He’s from West Orange and his dad’s place in Sea Bright is more of a shack.

Skye and Seth meet on the beach at twilight; young and gorgeous, they fall in love immediately. But they have to part and don’t get to say goodbye.

They pine for each other possibly the way only teenagers can, though they do get on with their lives. Skye has two best friends; one forever on a diet and an aspiring fashion designer, the other a more caustic, budding filmmaker.

Seth and Skye both become briefly involved with others. He is at Penn, where he has to work to help pay for school. It wasn’t as if the mansions at the beach compared to his ramshackle place hadn’t already taught him the stark realities of money. But being at an Ivy League school, where roommates and friends don’t have to work, accentuates his lack of funds.

Seth and Skye get back together, and though she never flaunts her money, she naturally has it easier. When Skye visits him at school, she takes a taxi from the train station; he always walks and one day thinks:

“Whenever I walk to campus from the train station, an intense feeling floods over me. It’s like this strong sense of coming home. Crossing the Walnut Street Bridge to Center City is powerful, too. If freedom, excitement and possibility all got together and decided to become an emotion, that would be the feeling I get. By the time I hit Rittenhouse Square, I’m buzzing over the potential awesomeness of it all. Growing up in suburbia will do that to you. One whiff of city life and you’re like an uncaged animal running wild.”

Skye, meanwhile, has to navigate that heinously stressful college application process. Her parents, liberal and trusting as they are, are not thrilled that she spends hours each night talking with Seth and traveling whenever she can to see him. There’s some friction, but nowhere near the drama that can explode between parents and teenage daughters.

Though they endure bumps along the way, you know Seth and Skye will make it for all the right reasons. It helps that their timing was excellent — as was Colasanti’s, for setting a novel at the Shore, just when so many of us long to be there again.

The Star-Ledger

all i need blog tour

Only four more days until All I Need is released! I’m already getting my celebration on at the Rochester Teen Book Festival this weekend with a badass bunch of authors. Are you in the NJ/NY/CT area? Check out my other upcoming events.

I’ll also be doing a Goodreads chat on May 20. You can join the Goodreads chat group now. Plus I’ll be doing a Twitter chat on May 28 from 7:00 to 8:00pm EST (hashtag #allineed). Three participants will win signed copies of All I Need. And yes, it’s international!

Want to read an excerpt of All I Need? You can read the first two chapters in my Scribd Chapter Sampler.

But wait. There’s more.

All I Need blog tour

The All I Need blog tour kicks off on May 20. It will run for two weeks. Each day of the blog tour will feature 10 Rules for a Spectacular Summer. Or at least what I consider a spectacular summer to include. Plus you can win a signed copy of All I Need at each blog tour stop!

All I Need Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, 5/20: Forever Young Adult

Tuesday, 5/21: Once Upon a Twilight

Wednesday, 5/22: Anna Reads

Thursday, 5/23: Alice Marvels

Friday, 5/24: Good Books & Good Wine

Monday, 5/27: Jean BookNerd

Tuesday, 5/28: Live To Read

Wednesday, 5/29: Good Choice Reading

Thursday, 5/30: GReads!

Friday, 5/31: I Am a Reader, Not a Writer

Stay updated on the blog tour and other All I Need warm fuzzies on the Penguin Teen Tumblr.

Here’s to a spectacular summer 🙂

all i need playlist

Since All I Need comes out on May 21 (which is almost freaking here), it’s time to post the official playlist. I do playlists for all of my books. You can see them on my website. Plus they’re all up on Spotify.

When I was writing All I Need, songs of my past summers kept playing in my head. The book is a sweet summer romance filled with old-school nostalgia. Seth is all about the 80s (and some late 70s) music. He believes that the best music was written back then. So I knew that the All I Need playlist had to include classic summer songs from when I was a teen. Check it:

1. “The Boys of Summer” – Don Henley

2. “Perfect Way” – Scritti Politti

3. “Heart of Glass” – Blondie

4. “All My Love” – Led Zeppelin

5. “My Sharona” – The Knack

6. “Safety Dance” – Men Without Hats

7. “Alive and Kicking” – Simple Minds

8. “Bye Bye Love” – The Cars

9. “Take It on the Run” – REO Speedwagon

10. “If You Leave” – OMD

11. “Endless Summer Nights” – Richard Marx

12. “Head Over Heels” – Tears for Fears

13. “Waiting for a Girl Like You” – Foreigner

Get your retro jam on.

sixth annual ginormous contest

Welcome to my Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest! You can win signed copies of All I Need plus any of my other books. And it’s international! Yay and yay.

All I Need by Susane Colasanti

All I Need is told from the perspectives of Skye and Seth. Seth is into collage art. The boy just loves making collages. He mostly uses found objects, like wood scraps from construction sites or glass bottles rescued from the recycling bin, but he also digs keeping it mellow with paper and a glue stick. That’s the kind of collage I want you to make. Since All I Need was my attempt at writing a fun summer romance, your collage should focus on representing summer.

Here’s an example of a summer collage I found. Of course your collage must be an original creation, but this gives you an idea of what I’m talking about:

summer collage

Show me your visual representation of summer in collage form to enter this contest. Need motivation? What does summer mean to you? What summer memories make you the most nostalgic? What you are looking forward to this summer? Whatever you picture when you think about summer is what I want to see.


1. First prize – a signed hardcover of All I Need, a signed paperback of Keep Holding On, and your choice of a signed paperback of any other book (So Much Closer, Something Like Fate, Waiting for You, Take Me There, or When It Happens)
2. Second prize – a signed hardcover of All I Need and a signed paperback of Keep Holding On
3. Third prize – a signed hardcover of All I Need

How to enter:

1. Create a collage that shows what summer means to you. You may create an actual collage and send me a photo of it, or you may create a collage in digital form.

2. Email your entry to me at susanecolasanti at gmail. Include your full name and mailing address with your entry.


Entries must be received by Friday, May 31 at 11:11 pm.

Let’s get those noodles on triple fab creative power. Now…show me some summer!

all i need events

There are only 11 more days until the release of All I Need. You know what that means. Book events! Readings and signings and assorted funtivities. Plus there will be cake at my pub day event. Yes, you are officially being told there will be cake.

Here’s where you can find me:

May 18, 2013 – 9:00-5:00pm
Rochester Teen Book Festival
Nazareth College, Shults Center
4245 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

May 21, 2013 – 7:00-8:30pm
Beach Bag Book Club
North Bellmore Public Library
1551 Newbridge Road
North Bellmore, NY 11710

May 22, 2013 – 4:00pm
Books & Greetings
271 Livingston Street
Northvale, NJ 07647
Event with Sarah Mlynowski

May 29, 2013 – 6:30-9:00pm
Teen Author Carnival
NYPL Jefferson Market Branch
425 6th Avenue (at 10th Street)
New York, NY 10011

May 30, 2013 – 3:00pm
BookExpo America
Javits Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Formal signing

June 28, 2013 – 6:00pm
RJ Julia
768 Boston Post Road
Madison, CT 06443
Reading, Q&A, and signing

More events may be added this summer. I’ll also be doing a Goodreads chat on May 20 and a Twitter chat on May 28.

Please check back here next week for the Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest, the All I Need playlist, and an excerpt. Enjoy the sunshine!

all i need trailer

Greetings, friendly neighbors! I’m back online after a blissful South Beach vacay. It was perfect timing to celebrate Screen-Free Week. I had four days of Zen screen-free time. No computer, movies, or iPod. Just bikini, book, and BF. All I need.

Speaking of All I Need, I’m stoked to share this cute trailer that ABC Family will be running online during pub week:

Love the ocean waves. Love the signature stripes. Love that All I Need comes out on May 21. That’s less than two weeks away!

I’ll be posting lots of fun All I Need things here this month, like the official playlist, an excerpt, behind the scenes features, and of course the Sixth Annual Ginormous Contest. Please stay tuned!