laundry & bliss

Some of you have asked what I did yesterday to celebrate my book release.  Did I have a party?  Or do something majorly huge?  Actually, no.  That seems like a lot of fuss for one little book.  So here are some of the exciting things I did instead:

1.  Went to the gym.
2.  Did laundry.
3.  Cleaned.

In way more exciting news, friendly neighbor Steph S. has conducted an interview with me for her high school newspaper, Mill Stream.  You can read it here.

Thanks to Tirzah at The Compulsive Reader for a great month of fun and games!  She announced the winners of book copies.

There’s a town in New York actually called Bliss.  How cool is that?  Even cooler:  A wind farm has been established there.  Wind turbines rock.  You can feel their energy just by looking at them:

Wind Farm in Bliss, NY

take me there is out!

Today is the release date of Take Me There.  Woo-hoo!

The Barnes & Noble floor displays will be out by June 10.  So if you happen to find yourself in the teen section of your local Barnes & Noble, I would be absolutely thrilled to receive a photo of you with the display.  I’m creating a collage of friends and neighbors from locations near and far because I do stuff like that.

You can win signed copies of Take Me There and When It Happens, plus have your writing published in my next book!  Check out my contest details here.  You have until the summer solstice (June 21) to send me your totally brill entry.  Rock on.

sailboats (two fours)

My last YA reading adventure was Eric Luper’s Big Slick.  What a fun ride it was!  I can’t imagine any boy not digging this story.  It even sparked my interest in Texas Hold ‘Em, but I’m sure I’d have about 73  tells if I actually played that game.

It was also fun to get my copy of Big Slick at the Strand with Eric when he was recently here for a busy day.  Fortunately, he was not too busy to have a granita (the most delicious coffee drink ever; I can even get mine decaf) with me at my fave coffeehouse, Joe the Art of Coffee.  Then we went to the Strand (the most amazing bookstore in NYC) and found copies of our books.  Here we are being all mysterious.  Or something.

Susane and Eric

I could have stayed there for hours discussing the teen and children’s books, but he was already late for a meeting (I hope you blamed that on me, Eric!).  It’s always good to see Eric, particularly because he takes such excellent care of my Colasanti Tree.

Colasanti Tree

Recent photo!  Doesn’t he look so happy?  I know my tree will be thriving for the rest of spring and all summer long.  Over and out (a ten and a four).

in which the universe brings evan rachel wood

The Universe knows that I’ve wanted Evan Rachel Wood to play the main character in the movie version of When It Happens for years.  And today, Evan was brought to my door.

Well, technically she walked past my door.  Woody Allen was filming his Summer Project 2008 on my street today and she’s in it.  Oh, and if you happen to see this movie and notice someone in yoga pants and an “I [lip symbol] NY” T-shirt looking all sweaty and gross from the gym walking down the street behind a girl with a dog, that’s me!  Or if you see that person getting packages from her mailman, still all sweaty and gross from the gym, that’s me again!  Anyway, I left a copy of my book for Evan because that is what you do when the energy of the universe delivers your fate to your door.  You open the door and let fate in.

Open the door!


When I’m feeling particularly geeked out, I say “fork” when I’m done with something.  As in “stick a fork in me, I’m done.”  Here are some things I’m done with.

1.  The revision of book three is done.  Moving on to my draft of book four after a short staycation.

2.  First order of business during my staycation:  Season Two of Friday Night Lights.  Dude, I’m already done with the whole freaking season.  That show is like the most delicious potato chip can’t-watch-just-one-ep phenomenon.  My only complaint is that it was too short.  Question:  Given the writers’ strike, what’s going to happen with the current season of my shows (which I hear has been wrapping up recently)?  Will there only be nine eps of The Office?  That’s just sad.

3.  My search for the ultimate cupcake blog is over.  Cupcakes Take the Cake is it.

4.  Coffee Talk topic:  Are New Yorkers rude?  Conclusion:  No.  We walk very quickly and may accidentally bump into the occasional tourist, but we’re great with directions.  Let’s get over the myth and be done with it, as explained in this Smithsonian article, “You Got a Problem With That?”.

5.  This isn’t a Friday Five.  It’s fork.

creative visualization

Is it just me, or is May zooming by at an alarming rate?  Same with 2008, which is suddenly almost half over.  Wild times.

Today at The Compulsive Reader, I am the guest blogger!  I decided to write about creative visualization, which is something that’s been with me since I was little and didn’t even realize what it was.  It’s helped me get through some really hard times.  And since it’s also the title of my blog, I thought you might want to know what creative visualization means to me.

Tirzah’s contest winners will be announced next Thursday, so check out The Compulsive Reader’s simple contest entry deets to win copies of When It Happens and Take Me There (found at the end of her book review).  The deadline to enter is next Wednesday. Good luck!