jam forever <3

Dream big.

Regular readers of this blog know that’s my main motto. It even says so above my bed. I enjoy dreaming big, visualizing my goals as if they have already been manifested, and then turning those dreams into reality. Especially when people say my dreams are impossible to achieve. That just makes me even more determined to achieve them.

One of my big dreams was to meet Jenna Fischer. You know The Office is my show. There are enough Office supplies at my place to prove it. So when I found out that Jenna would be starring in Neil LaBute’s new play, Reasons to Be Happy, I could not snag tickets fast enough. Neil LaBute is my fave playwright. Jenna is half of Jam, my fave soul mates. This was a non-coincidence just waiting to shower a big bucket of happy on me.

The play was awesome. Classic twisty dark LaBute. Why do I like his twisty darkness so much? Not sure. Maybe it’s a way of balancing out the whole sweet romance thing. I stalked the stage door after the play with a throng of fans. And, um, Parker Posey. Who was totally waiting on the sidewalk with the rest of us after the show like she wasn’t freaking Parker Posey. I love her. One of the best compliments ever was when I checked into a hotel and the concierge thought I was Parker Posey from across the lobby. Which I restrained from telling her about when we talked. Because of course I talked to Parker Posey. We had a whole conversation and everything. That how BFFs do.

And then. I got to meet Jenna Fischer.

Susane Colasanti and Jenna Fischer

She was so sweet to all of her fans. And she loved my Jam tee! She noticed it right away. I was babbling like an idiot and saying what a huge fan I am and how much I love her and Jam forever. Jenna was very gracious. She was also very chill. I think she was about to go to the gym. She looked amazing, btw. Kicking myself that I forgot my print of Pam’s drawing of the office for her to sign. But she looks so cute in this pic I’m over it.

So yeah. Another big dream achieved? Check. I’m still having sporadic bursts of fangirl freakout every time I think about last night. Talk about reasons to be happy.

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