no umbrella

The umbrella is gone.

They took it away because after September 11, some people were afraid that the umbrella would be a terrorist target. Actually, Citigroup would be more of a target. Because the umbrella was on the Citigroup building. So the umbrella was auctioned off and removed from the building in pieces.

The umbrella was made out of red neon lights. It was lit up all night. I used to look at it when I first moved to New York and feel really safe that it was there, like the umbrella was protecting me somehow.

And now it’s gone.

It’s weird that inanimate objects can make me feel certain ways. But they just do.

Since I believe in focusing on the positive parts of any situation (so I’m sorry to be such a bummer with this post), I’ve decided that the good thing about this is that now I’ll look for symbols of safety elsewhere. And I’ll probably find more reasons to feel safe that I wouldn’t have noticed before.