summer love and soul mates

Yesterday was an amazing pub day! There’s always too much to do on pub day and not enough time. Keeping up with everything online. Being on deadline with a revision at the same time (which seems to happen every year). Oh, and here’s one for the Of Course File: Of course yesterday was the one day a year that my building’s boiler was cleaned and we had no water. But that was no problem. My BF/soul mate took very good care of me at his place. He served me strawberries and warm Entenmann’s pecan danish while I struggled to keep up with everything that was due all at once. He even drove me to last night’s event because he really wanted to be there. How cute is he?

He is so cute that I just had to talk about him in this video interview with RT Book Reviews. All I Need is a sweet summer romance about soul mates. Those of you who’ve read my books know that I’m obsessed with soul mates. That immediate, undeniable connection. The feeling that you’ve know this person your whole life even though you met three seconds ago. Finally feeling the way you’ve always wanted to feel with someone. I’ve been writing about those feelings for years, book after book for seven novels, dreaming about the soul mate I would meet one day. And now he’s here. Dreams do become reality if you never stop believing.

Speaking of summer love and soul mates, asked me to share a bit about my inspiration for All I Need. I hope that by the time readers finish the last sentence, they will believe in the possibility of true love. You can read the guest post here.

In other fun feature news, Penguin Teen interviewed me for their Author Spotlight. I’m feeling the love.

The All I Need blog tour continues with your chance to win a signed copy of the book. Check out today’s stop at Anna Reads.

Are you in the northern New Jersey area? I’m doing an event with the adorable Sarah Mlynowski at Books & Greetings in Northvale today at 4:00pm. Hope to see you there!