When I’m feeling particularly geeked out, I say “fork” when I’m done with something.  As in “stick a fork in me, I’m done.”  Here are some things I’m done with.

1.  The revision of book three is done.  Moving on to my draft of book four after a short staycation.

2.  First order of business during my staycation:  Season Two of Friday Night Lights.  Dude, I’m already done with the whole freaking season.  That show is like the most delicious potato chip can’t-watch-just-one-ep phenomenon.  My only complaint is that it was too short.  Question:  Given the writers’ strike, what’s going to happen with the current season of my shows (which I hear has been wrapping up recently)?  Will there only be nine eps of The Office?  That’s just sad.

3.  My search for the ultimate cupcake blog is over.  Cupcakes Take the Cake is it.

4.  Coffee Talk topic:  Are New Yorkers rude?  Conclusion:  No.  We walk very quickly and may accidentally bump into the occasional tourist, but we’re great with directions.  Let’s get over the myth and be done with it, as explained in this Smithsonian article, “You Got a Problem With That?”.

5.  This isn’t a Friday Five.  It’s fork.


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