sailboats (two fours)

My last YA reading adventure was Eric Luper’s Big Slick.  What a fun ride it was!  I can’t imagine any boy not digging this story.  It even sparked my interest in Texas Hold ‘Em, but I’m sure I’d have about 73  tells if I actually played that game.

It was also fun to get my copy of Big Slick at the Strand with Eric when he was recently here for a busy day.  Fortunately, he was not too busy to have a granita (the most delicious coffee drink ever; I can even get mine decaf) with me at my fave coffeehouse, Joe the Art of Coffee.  Then we went to the Strand (the most amazing bookstore in NYC) and found copies of our books.  Here we are being all mysterious.  Or something.

Susane and Eric

I could have stayed there for hours discussing the teen and children’s books, but he was already late for a meeting (I hope you blamed that on me, Eric!).  It’s always good to see Eric, particularly because he takes such excellent care of my Colasanti Tree.

Colasanti Tree

Recent photo!  Doesn’t he look so happy?  I know my tree will be thriving for the rest of spring and all summer long.  Over and out (a ten and a four).