little willow blog blast

It is a great honor to be interviewed on Little Willow’s blog today.  Little Willow is an essential expert in the world of YA lit.  She compiles, conducts, and creates more book reviews, author interviews, awesome lists, and teen novel commentary than you can believe.  If you don’t know from her site, get your butt over there yesterday.

My interview is part of the Summer Blog Blast Tour, organized by Colleen at Chasing Ray.  Here’s the SBBT schedule for this week.  Definitely check it out!

3 thoughts on “little willow blog blast

  1. I learned in my children’s lit class that kids typically like to read about characters that are two years older than them… perhaps to have someone to look up to, or something to look forward to… so if your publishers would ever go for it, I think it’d be great to do a college sequel!
    Top Ten Favorite Books: I *adore* L.M. Montgomery! I loved Anne, but my favorite was the trilogy of Emily of New Moon books. And Montgomery’s journals are quite interesting too. 🙂

    • Kids totally like reading about older characters. I have a feeling that publishers’ reluctance to include college-aged characters in YA books will soon change, just as some YA books (like FOREVER and GIRL) that were originally shelved in the adult fiction section are now in the teen section. Teens are way more mature now. They have crazy serious issues to deal with and the media has a stronger influence. So I’m hoping that we can expand the definition of “YA lit” even more!


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