creative visualization

Is it just me, or is May zooming by at an alarming rate?  Same with 2008, which is suddenly almost half over.  Wild times.

Today at The Compulsive Reader, I am the guest blogger!  I decided to write about creative visualization, which is something that’s been with me since I was little and didn’t even realize what it was.  It’s helped me get through some really hard times.  And since it’s also the title of my blog, I thought you might want to know what creative visualization means to me.

Tirzah’s contest winners will be announced next Thursday, so check out The Compulsive Reader’s simple contest entry deets to win copies of When It Happens and Take Me There (found at the end of her book review).  The deadline to enter is next Wednesday. Good luck!

6 thoughts on “creative visualization

  1. What a great message! I often think I’m living with my goals in mind, but I also catch myself thinking, “Yeah, it’s never going to happen” and time passes, and it doesn’t happen. I guess I need to put more belief behind what I want out of this world 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your creative visualization!

  2. Great blog! (Still frustrating when you get what you want but not in the *way* that you want, though.) I spent years doing this (I called the visualization part “trances”), and it did work, sometimes amazingly well, but in the past, I wanted very specific things, and now I think I’m starting over with only a general outline. It helps to be surrounded with people like you, who are good reminders of what used to come naturally. 🙂
    I want to know how you found your apartment! LOL!

    • Negative people are energy drains. I have no time for them because life is finite. So it always helps to connect with kindred spirits like you 🙂
      Starting over is scary, but also super exciting! If you can make lists of goals for the next six months, year, five years, and ten years, that might help you focus in on what you want your life to look like more clearly.


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