pajants = love

Perhaps you saw the article in PW today about how a bunch of YA authors got together last weekend to celebrate the magnificence of the Pajants. Let me tell you, it was a Pajants rager!

The best part for me (other than chilling with my fellow YA authors) was finally getting to meet Lauren Myracle. I’ve wanted to meet her for years. Our paths were always crossing a bit crookedly and I kept missing my chances and I was beginning to think that wacky, brightly-colored-hair-streak chick was a figment of my imagination. But then there she was. So I went up to introduce myself and I was like, “Hi, I’m Susane.” And she went, “Susane Colasanti?”

Dude. Lauren Myracle totally knew who I was. She even said she was a fan!

Lauren is even more fun and energetic than I expected. We bonded over Rocket Dogs, being the spazzes we are, and Bridesmaids. We even recreated the brunch “Will you marry me?” scene with stuff on our teeth at the after party. It has been confirmed. Lauren Myracle and I often bring attitude.

Susane Colasanti and Lauren Myracle often bring attitude

Famous book blogger Ron Hogan caught us on video talking about what books we’re reading. Thanks, Ron!

The Pajants rager was buzzing with excitement. Jon Scieszka told me the best news ever. Are you ready for it? He said I could tell you. Okay…Jon Scieszka is writing – wait for it – a teen novel. A teen novel! You KNOW this is going to be the best teen novel ever. He hasn’t even started it yet and I can’t. freaking. wait. Additionally awesome? Is how Jon sat on the floor with everyone else, despite his ambassador status. He’s not one of those uptight ambassadors who throws a tantrum when his throne is unavailable. Seriously, Jon is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I was thrilled that he was there. I would have been more thrilled if he’d worn the Pajants, but hey. It’s not a perfect world.

The whole Pajants thing was inspired by Ann Brashares. So you can imagine how stoked we all were to have her participate in the rager. She even wore the Pajants! It was my first time meeting Ann and I could not get over how profoundly sweet and sincere she is. You know how some people just have this depth of compassion in their eyes? She has such a peaceful energy. I bet her aura is, like, sparkly powder blue. She signed the Pajants PAJANTS = LOVE. How perfect is that?

None of this would have been possible without Sarah Mlynowski and Courtney Sheinmel, hardcore Pajanters who organized the event. Thanks for getting us all together, ladies! Extra loud shout-out to E. Lockhart for putting together an incredibly comprehensive slideshow of each author’s time in the Pajants. You can watch the slideshow here. And special thanks to Peter Glassman at Books of Wonder for hosting all of us.

Peter Glassman and Susane Colasanti at Books of Wonder

We love you, Peter!