bringing it

Can I just say how happy I am that CDs still exist? I love looking at the photos and artwork in CD booklets, reading the liner notes, having something tangible to connect me to the music even more. We’re heading toward a time when CDs will be as ancient as VHS tapes. But for now, I’m adoring the CD booklet for Coldplay’s Mylo Zyloto. The artwork is beautiful.

Mylo Zyloto by Coldplay

Every song on this album is beautiful. Just like on every other Coldplay album. I’m beyond impressed with how Coldplay keeps bringing it. And the more I listen to “Paradise”, the more I’m convinced Chris Martin knew me in high school. Because that song was me every night.

Also bringing it: One Tree Hill. How is that show still so good after all these years? I’m Netflixing last season now and it’s freaking amazing. For a show to have you on the edge of your seat after eight seasons is a major accomplishment. Snaps for Mark Schwahn!

Snaps are also deserved by Demetri Martin. Demetri is my fave comedian. I was a fan way before his Comedy Central show when he blew up after everyone discovered his genius ways. I even got to meet him after a show last year. How stoked was I to find out he’s touring again? And that you can enter to win a chance to meet him backstage? Fellow Demetri Martin lovers can enter here to win four tickets and backstage passes to hang with Demetri on his tour. A complete listing of his tour schedule is here.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, I found out that my husband (aka John Krasinski) is going to be on Sesame Street tomorrow! John Krasinski + Sesame Street = ultimate sweetness. I’ll leave you with this clip to make you smile. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “bringing it

  1. OMG. One Tree Hill. I’m having a sleepover with my friend for the series finale and we are going to cry. A lot.

    Did you see the promo for Season 9? If not I’ll just link it for ya:

    Luke’s back!!! I want everyone back, Peyton and Sawyer and Whitey and Dan and Deb and even Keith, dammit. I think the person I want the most to come back is Taylor (Haley’s sister): she’s so awesome.

    Anyway–only a few more weeks til the premiere, and only a few more months until it’s gone for good 😥

    • Whoa. Pause.

      Season Nine is going to be the last season?!

      Okay. I can deal. Nine seasons is an impressive run for any show, especially these days when everyone seems to be obsessed with reality hoo-ha. I have a couple more discs of last season to watch, and then I’ll watch the promo. But I don’t have a TV, so I’ll have to wait to watch this new season when it comes out on DVD.

      YAY that Luke is back! Oh how I’ve missed that boy. Even in his porcupine haircut stage. The ep I watched last night had a flashback and Whitey was in it and man, that took me back. Don’t even get me started on Keith, though. So effing tragic. I can’t even look at Dan without seething.

  2. Nice to know that I’m not the only person who still buys CDs and appreciates looking at the art work and liner notes. I’m notorious for being behind on things. I’ve never owned a cell phone and still use a VCR to record shows.

    John Krasinski is pretty darn cute. I like that he always seems so amiable and happy. Your husband is mentioned in the third paragraph here:

    I recently started watching Modern Family and Parenthood on DVD. Do you watch either show? Modern Family is so funny. Love Phil Dunphy! Jason Katims of Friday Night Lights is the head writer on Parenthood, so of course I teared up many times while watching the first season.

  3. I’m a fan of CDs too. I mean, I love iTunes downloads because they’re convenient, but there’s something so much more meaningful that comes with having the physical copy of an album. I love looking at liner notes! Probably half the songs on my iPod were synced from CDs. We have so much in common, Susane! 😀


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