twitterhood of the traveling pajants

You know how in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants there was this pair of jeans that magically fit all the girls? Even though there were some really different body types going on? It has been noted that a product called Pajama Jeans does the same trick. They are comfortable, stylish (sort of), and they have magical butt-lifting properties. Most astonishing of all, they promise to fit all body types regardless of height, weight, and amount of junk in the trunk.

They feel like pajamas but look like jeans. We are calling them the Pajants. The Pajants even have a hashtag on Twitter. They are that famous.

Who are “we,” you ask? We are some YA authors who love the idea of passing these Pajants to one another, creating an enchanted chain of events in which the Pajants are worn by each of us in public. It counts as putting positive energy out in the Universe. Then we each bedazzle the Pajants with our mad art skills before passing them along to the next wearer.

Literary chicks seriously know how to rock the party.

So how did all this start? After examining the chain of events on the official Twitterhood of the Butt Lifting Pajants Facebook page, it appears that Julia DeVillers fired up the festivities in Georgia. The country, not the state. Which makes them International Pajants of Mystery! The mystery being how they managed to lift my butt like that. Magical properties, indeed.

After Julia embellished the Pajants by signing them in silver and adding a heart, they were sent to Lauren Myracle in Colorado. Lauren made an excellent decision to wear the Pajants to Pilates. Then she painted the most majestic unicorn ever down one leg and sent them off to Sarah Mlynowski here in New York. Fortunately, I am friends with Sarah and was totally there when she wore them to her symposium panel during NYC Teen Author Festival week. My friend Courtney Sheinmel was also in the house. She was documenting Sarah’s time in the Pajants, which you can read about here.

Then it was my turn. Sarah and I met up in a schmancy Tribeca hotel bar. Sarah had an adult beverage like a grownup. I had a Shirley Temple like my eternal 16-year-old self usually does. I discreetly changed into the Pajants. Well. It was supposed to be discreet. In reality, it was me coming out of the bathroom in the bedazzled Pajants and everyone staring. The manager was suspicious. People didn’t understand. But dude, I rocked those Pajants something fierce. Check out my cuffed look with rain boots:

Susane Colasanti rocking the Pajants

Sexy much?

People could not stop staring at Lauren’s unicorn. Then I took the subway home. People stared some more. That unicorn was just brightening everyone’s day, for reals.

Sarah had a really cute idea for her artwork. She painted a cell phone sticking out of the back pocket for her book Gimmie a Call. I was not as creative. On a whim, I went ahead and embroidered the Pajants without even knowing if that’s allowed. Talk about living on the edge. Then I signed them in gold glitter glue. I was out of pink glitter glue. I am always out of pink glitter glue. I added my main motto, Dream big:

Susane Colasanti's artwork on the Pajants

Next up for the Pajants is Elizabeth Eulberg. We had dinner and talked for hours and marveled over the magical butt-lifting powers of the Pajants. She will be wearing them at tomorrow evening’s Teen Author Reading Night. I will be there to document. Let’s hope David Levithan doesn’t get jealous and snatch them away.

Which reminds me. I heard a rumor that a boy author will be wearing the Pajants. I believe this boy to be David Macinnis Gill. Having already worn them, I cannot attest to their magical properties extending into the boy range. One would think they’d be super short on him. But hey, the cuffed look works, as shown above. Pajants for one, Pajants for all!

20 thoughts on “twitterhood of the traveling pajants

  1. Yes, I am the boy who was wrangled by Lauren into wearing the PaJants, but with the stipulation that I get the PaJants last, so that if there is some sort of wardrobe explosion, it won’t affect the unicorns. Much.

    • Oooh, the rumor is true! How fun will that be?
      Please note that David Levithan might also be interested in wearing them. So you guys might have to rock-paper-scissors for last place.

  2. I love that so many different authors are getting involved with the pajants! I’d also love to see David Levithan in them, that would pretty much make my day.
    Someone is going to have to add a Zombie to balance Lauren’s unicorn! (I’m team Unicorn though)

  3. Ok, so just gonna throw it out there that I had only heard vague rumors about who was going to be having the pajants back when like two people had gotten them, and your name was not among them- so when I just came over to check out the blog and saw that picture it pretty much made my night :-p. I had told my mom about the traveling Pajants as well so when I cracked up laughing on the phone and explained that you had gotten them she was all like “That’s awesome, she’s gonna rock the Pajants!” I totally agree ;-).

  4. Rebel embroiderer!
    Cute idea! It looks like all of you writers can also draw – that’s fortunate if you’re wearing them in public. 😉 I love that Lauren started them off with a unicorn, so people couldn’t help but stare. Hehe!
    If a boy author wears them, we want pics. I’m sure I speak for everyone. LOL!


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