susane vs. fibroid

I’m having surgery tomorrow.

I’m kind of terrified.

Recently I mentioned that I’d been dealing with a health issue for a while. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post anything specific about it. But this is actually a very common issue among women, so I’ve decided to share in case any of you have to face the same problem at some point. Which I really hope you don’t.

A radiologist told me that about 90% of women get fibroids at some point in their life. Fibroids usually grow in or around the uterus and can cause major problems. A lot of pain. A lot of bleeding. I have a very small fibroid. You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal. But this freaking fibroid stole my entire summer. It took away work days. There were many days this summer and fall where I couldn’t stand up straight, or sit in a chair, or even leave my apartment. I don’t want to gross you out with the details, but it was disgusting. Five months of my life were a nightmare. Which, hey, compared to six years of that whole junior high/high school nightmare, wasn’t so bad! My life will never be that bad again. This knowledge comforts me.

It’s also comforting to hear about people who’ve survived much worse medical issues. David Letterman had a quintuple bypass. A friend of mine had a quadruple bypass, during which his heart was removed and put on a plate. A friend’s mom just had over two feet of intestine cut out. Another friend’s mom just had a hip replacement and was walking around the next day. Other people’s stories make my own less scary. They are all fighters and I will fight on as they have.

But I’m still scared. So if you could send some positive energy my way tomorrow, I would very much appreciate it.

Tomorrow morning I will get into Jack Bauer mode. Jack Bauer is going dark. He’s taking this fibroid down da Vinci style. You will not win this one, fibroid. Drop your weapon! You are DONE.

53 thoughts on “susane vs. fibroid

  1. I hope the surgery goes well! Sorry to hear how awful you were feeling all summer. 😦 I will definitely send good vibes your way!

  2. Positive vibes coming your way. Had I been there, I would have nursed you. That’s not me being creepy just to let you know, I am actually a nurse πŸ˜‰ Think about how your favourite book character would handle this situation and let them help you πŸ˜‰

    • Oooh, I love your book character suggestion! Ponyboy Curtis would totally rock the being put under part (which is what’s mostly freaking me out). He’d be all like thinking of sunsets and colors and things…and then next thing he knew he’d be waking up. Awesome πŸ™‚

  3. After reading When It Happens, you’ve been an inspiration to me. I’ll keep you in my prayers. And just think, once you wake up after the procedure it will be totally gone. Hope you feel better!

  4. Positive Energy is being sent in force! ::squints and waggles fingers:: I hope everything turns out wondrously, and that you take down the fibroid like a pro! You are made of awesome, so it shouldn’t be a problem. :-).


  5. I’ll sending you my mixture of thoughts, prayers, and a heap of positive vibes your way throughout the day! Not to mention hopes for a speedy recovery! ❀

  6. Sending you lots of good vibes. I had to a have a minor surgery during the summer and was scared too, especially about the going under part. I hate not feeling in control of my body. But just relax and before you know it all is well again and your sipping hot chocolate and rocking out to holiday music πŸ™‚

  7. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you! Just remember how many people will be wishing you well and thinking about you. πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Susane, I wish you ALL the best. I will certainly be thinking of you tomorrow, and please be in touch if there is anything at all I can do. You will do GREAT, and just remember to take the time to put your feet up, relax, and recover. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Megan! It’s so sweet of you to comment. I’m anticipating a recovery weekend with lots of reading and watching time.

      Dude, I keep forgetting to tell you – Sweetiepie closed a while ago. How tragic is that? I am SO happy we went while we had the chance!

  9. I just added you to the top of my prayer list! My 7 yr. old recently had surgery and he said to me, “Mom, I’m a little nervous, but if the army guys can get shot then I can have my tonsils removed.” I’m sending you positive, calming feelings and praying for a speedy recovery. You have inspired me and my students and now you will have this testimony to use as well. Muah! ❀

  10. I hope the surgery goes well tomorrow. I will pray for you. I hope you feel better afterwards and that the recovery time will be as quick and smooth as possible. Take care of yourself and Take it easy. Good luck tomorrow.

  11. I’m pretty sure my mom went through the same thing you’re going through a few years after I was born. Everything turned out fine for her, just like it will for you! I’ll definitely be sending positive energy your way! And remember that this surgery will put an end to the five months of misery and you can feel better again! (:

  12. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, I’ll be sending all kinds of positive vibes your way πŸ™‚ I’m sure everything will be just fine. My parents have been through more than their fair share of medical problems, so I definitely understand the fear. But they have come out on the better side of it just like you will. Maybe try listening to some of your favorite songs to calm your nerves, music has a way of making everything better. And hopefully you’ll feel better knowing that you have a whole band of fans and friendly neighbors sending you good thoughts! Here’s to a speedy recovery!

    • Your parents are rock stars. When I compare my health issue to the more serious issues so many people have had, and are continuing to overcome, it makes me realize that I shouldn’t worry. I gain strength from friendly neighbors like your parents – and of course all of my friendly neighbors who have wished me well here! And you’re right about music. I always feel a hundred times better after playing certain songs.

      Feeling thankful that the surgery was a success πŸ™‚

  13. Ironically I’m writing/reading this while in the hospital myself. Sending tons of good thoughts your way… the docs know what they are doing & you’ll be great!!

  14. Hey Susane,

    Sorry to hear that you hadn’t been well this past year, that totally sucks!
    Sending you all the positive vibes from London, I am sure it will all go well for you and you will be feeling a lot better soon.
    Take care of yourself and make sure you rest up. πŸ™‚

  15. You are not allowed to stay in bed for long, since you have a gazillion readers all over the world who are wishing for your well-being.
    Good luck with the surgery, and be back soon!

  16. Hi Susane!

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way right now πŸ˜€ I’ll pray for you! I know it’s scary and out of control, but trust the doctors and know that you are in good hands. Think about all the wonderful things you’re going to be able to do after the surgery! You’ll be freed from your pain at last. πŸ™‚

    Thinking good thoughts for you:D


  17. Just saw this today, but I hope your surgery went well and that you’re not in too much pain. Sending good, positive thoughts your way for a speedy and mostly pain-free recovery!

    • Thank you! This minimal pain is nothing compared to the extreme pain I was in before, so I am rocking my recovery. And the surgery went even better than we expected. All good news for an awesome start to 2012 πŸ™‚

  18. Hello Susane! I am one of your biggest Fans- correction your BIGGEST fan! I have been reading you since your first book came out and I absolutely adore you and your books! You are so funny and exciting! Anywho! This is not the first time that I have commented on your blog! I did it very often- especially in the summer, but I stopped for a while because I have been incredibly busy with school! So, that also meant I rarely read your blogs, but now, because I promise I will be more devoted to reading your blogs now! So anywho! Now, catching up on all the blogs I have NOT read, I was very surprised when I came across this one! I am sooo very sorry to hear about your “Fibroids”. That doesn’t sound too fun 😦 I really hope that you are feeling better after your surgery! I can also relate to that (somewhat). My older sister and I always get really bad ovarian cysts. I have been in the hospital for it multiple times, and every time they get severely worse. My last ovarian cyst was December 7th, my sister’s birthday, and it was, sadly, spent in the hospital waiting room. They are horrible and I hate them so much. So, basically, I feel for you. Your fibroids were most likely a lot more painful than my small ovarian cysts, but my cysts are just incredibly annoying. UGH! hahaha anywayyy- I love you and your books so much! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy FESTIVUS<33 hahaha Have a wonderful new year! And i can't wait to read your upcoming book! love you! xoxoxo, Natalie from Philadelphia ❀ πŸ™‚

    • Good to hear from you, Natalie! It sucks that we’re both dealing with painful health issues. I am really, REALLY hoping with all my heart that 2012 will bring brighter days for us. The Universe is telling me that 2012 will be spectacular πŸ™‚

      Thank you for being such a dedicated reader. I very much appreciate it ❀


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