in the nabe

Here in New York, there’s always something interesting going on. This is a welcome change from growing up in The Middle of Nowhere, New Jersey, where nothing interesting ever went on. Like, ever.

These things happened recently in NYC, courtesy of New York magazine:

  • During a massive food fight, staff at a high school called the police for backup
  • A man who had been impersonating his dead mother for six years in order to collect her Social Security was arrested
  • There was a runaway pony
  • Two balloon artists threatened a rival balloon man in Central Park
  • Office managers called the police about a Wafels & Dinges truck because it was making the neighborhood look unprofessional

The best thing about the Wafels & Dinges truck is, of course, the name. Added allure comes not necessarily from being able to have a fancy waffle with lots of toppings (“Dinges” means “toppings”), but the knowledge that you could have one whenever you want.

I’d like to share some other highlights of my nabe, including something very interesting that went down at Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop a few weeks ago. I was walking by her stoop (where the Sex and the City scenes are filmed, even though Carrie is supposed to live on the Upper East Side), when I saw this:

Carrie Bradshaw's stoop

New paint for the railings! Could it be for the next SATC movie, which I totally hear they’ll be filming soon?

These finger paintings are really sweet:

West Village window artwork

When I see things like this, I completely get why it’s called the Village.

The Fourth of July fireworks were awesome. They were at a lower altitude than usual (I think because it was so windy that night), but still awesome. I was mostly looking forward to the smiley face ones and the heart ones. When I saw some smiley face ones over in New Jersey before the Macy’s show started, I tried to capture one for you:

Smiley face fireworks

Clearly, I need a lot more practice with the Fireworks setting on my Nikon Coolpix. But see the smiley face? Sort of?

Lastly, I want to leave you with a photo I took on the High Line. Enjoy the summer breeze this weekend!

Empire State Building from the High Line


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