awesome topping

The most amazing reading ever went down in Chicago this weekend and I missed it. Laurie Halse Anderson and Sarah Dessen did a bookstore appearance together! Were you there? If you were, I am totally jealous of you. And everyone else who got to go.

Distracting myself with other fun times just wasn’t the same. I saw Judah Friedlander and some other funny neighbors at Stand Up NY. Judah is hilarious. He has this thing where he’s all throwing down karate challenges and drinking shark tears. In case you haven’t heard, he’s the World Champion. It was a good 30 Rock fix by association while I eagerly await the fresh DVDs. Which reminds me – I Netflixed Party of Five, a show I’ve never seen. I was sort of expecting it to be a cheesy big family thing, but it’s not. It’s really good. I didn’t know it was about kids who are fending for themselves after their parents die. Which is a brilliant idea for a teen show, given that the parental subplots are always the least interesting anyway.

I’m still having a hard time absorbing that it’s July. The middle of July, apparently. I’m still on April. Or even 2005. I’m reminding myself to live in the Now and relax about time passing so quickly these days. One thing that helps accomplish these goals is ice cream. Can you believe that it’s the fourth week of summer and I haven’t had any Mr. Softee yet? I know! What’s summer without some ice cream truck time? Less awesome, that’s what. So during my break today, I’m going to track down the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. I like his tweet from last night:

Will be grinding up some interesting cookies tonight: chocolate/mint crispy thin things. I think you’ll like them on your cone.

Chocolate/mint crispy thin things! When he asks if I’d like a topping, I’ll be all like, “Chocolate/mint crispy thin things, please!” I have a feeling that dude gives you extra sprinkles. I’ll let you know if I find him on my Twitter.

9 thoughts on “awesome topping

  1. That does sound like one of the best author events ever! I can’t believe I didn’t even know it was happening (not that I could have made my way to Chicago or anything, but at least I could have pretended it was an option). And I’m totally craving any sort of chocolate/mint combination now.

    • The only thing that compares to a chocolate/mint combo is a chocolate/peanut butter combo. Oh, or a chocolate/vanilla buttercream combo. But yeah, that’s why those Oreos with the mint filling are so good.

  2. I was at Naperville and saw them. It was so COOL! I adore sarah dessen and i was so excited to meet her. The line to get her signature went by quick but she still talked to everyone she was signing books for. She was So Nice.
    PS- if you ever plan on visiting chicago, you should stop by andersons in naperville, that would be awesome. I would freak out and be first in line!!!!! 🙂

  3. mystery
    i’m sorry but all i keep thinking is: Does ‘big’ in ‘Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’ refer to the truck or to gay pride or to the size of the ice cream scoop or to the proportions of the ice cream man (sorry)?? is this supposed to be a sexually arousing name, a celebration of ice cream, or an expression of gay pride, an expression of joy and happiness in the world, or none of the above?? of course it can it have a double or triple meaning.
    Many questions: what color is the truck? blue, rainbow, yellow, pink? where is this truck’s route? in West Village or Chelsea or midtown? who is the driver? a man? a woman? or both? do they have a dog?
    the mystery remains…my interest is piqued: i guess i’ll have to investigate in person and come up with my own conclusions.


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