go go gadget deciphering

This sign was hanging in the deli section of a local grocery store:

Attn: Everyone
Every night the Chix wall
must be Full…and
covered with Plastic…no no
Questions Asked!!!

What does this mean?

Some hypotheses:

1. Cheese was misspelled.
2. It’s referring to the place with all the chicken.

Added to entry: My friend pointed out that chix is an abbreviation for chicken. I’m down with that. But then why does the chicken wall have to be full every night? Do people eat that much more chicken than other meats? Is cheese not as popular? What about plastic covering for the other items? And why is this such an inflammatory issue that someone needed to put up a sign about it?

So many questions.


10 thoughts on “go go gadget deciphering

    • True, but why must the chicken wall be full? Is it because people are eating more chicken than anything else? Is cheese not as popular? Why would this be enough of an issue for the sign to be necessary? And what about plastic for the other items?
      So many questions.

  1. Weirdly, when I read this the first thing I pictured was the chix (or chicken) wall FULL of colorful painted drawings (of chickens??) and then the entire wall being wrapped in plastic. Which is why they should SPECIFY. LOL!!!!!

  2. that’s weird.
    i probably would’ve been standing there for about twenty minutes picking apart every single word.
    ps— i reviewed When It Happens on my blog.
    it was SOOO good!!!

    • Well, I was compelled to write it down while I was waiting for my cheese. It’s just so mysterious.
      Thanks for your awesome review! I’ll link to it next week. You are such an impressive writer…it’s hard to believe that you’re 14 😉

  3. Hmmm…
    sorry, but this is too funny and fascinating.
    i’m sorry you asked since of course i’ll present my more obvious and then more grotesque absurd hypotheses….like an unlit window….mystery mystery and murder??
    hypotheses (not in order of likelihood)
    1. chix=chicklets gum. high school. cover with plastic since they are perfectly white and square and plastic keeps them dry and clean and neat. little white squares. if they get damp, then the white enamel like sweet coat will dissolve
    2. chix=chicken. cover with plastic since chicken has salmonella…don’t want that spreading to people’s hands, to other produce in people’s baskets…salmonella has a much lower multiplicity of infection ration (MOI) than most bacteria. very small aliquot will cause a serious enteritis. so keep that chicken cold and covered! yes, people eat chicken more since it’s a great form of protein with less fat than red meat
    3. chix=chicks. revenge of the body snatchers! keep those dead chicks in the large freezer and covered with plastic. sorry, the imagination roams….
    4. chix=a high-fiber dry cereal for all those health nuts out there who need their morning fiber (8g!) and it must be tightly covered in plastic to keep it dry and fresh….no one wants to eat soggy chix cereal.
    5. chix=chex mix (abbreviated). as above, keep it dry and fresh. crispy cracker treat.
    man, all that plastic ain’t helpin’ the environment none.


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