seasons of us

Today is the autumnal equinox. Summer is officially over. This is always a hard time for me. I mean, I love the whole back-to-school excitement with all of that hope and the possibility of reinventing yourself. And most of fall has some refreshing weather going on. But it’s hard for me to say goodbye to flip-flops and summer breeze and the whole relaxing vibe of drinking fresh lemonade (with a twist of lime) out on a back porch watching the stars somewhere. I will be fruit starved. I will miss longer daylight hours.

John Mayer gets me. He said, “There’s fog inside the glass around your summer heart.” We go way back.

Here’s the thing, though. Time keeps zooming by at an alarming rate these days. It’s not like when I was in high school and one day felt like 23 years. Before I know it, the vernal equinox will be here. And I will celebrate again.

As a tribute to summer, here is the best of my window box sightings. No worries. The flowers will grow again.

New York City windowbox

New York City windowbox

New York City windowbox

New York City windowbox

2 thoughts on “seasons of us

  1. good bye summer
    love that quote by JM. He gets a lot of us.
    and those photos of the flower beds…nothing less than spectacular. I appreciate the reassurance that they will return once again.


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