yes we can

I’m so proud of the YA world mother to us all Judy Blume for speaking out at YA for Obama. She also told us why she feels so passionate about this election on her blog. Today, John Green discusses religion, science, and the dangers of anti-intellectualism. It’s vital to the continued existence of all living things (and this planet) to distinguish between fact and absurdity.

YA for Obama is for everyone, but especially wants to encourage teens to take action. You can still make a difference even if you can’t vote. Find out about volunteer opportunities in your community. Your future education, health care, and quality of life are at stake now. Meg Cabot did a most excellent job of explaining how you can make a difference.

Something else to care about: Service Pays, a program that pays back college loans in exchange for community service after graduating. A quality education is worth every penny. As someone who paid for college and grad school with no help other than financial aid, I graduated almost $70,000 in debt (which I just finished paying off three years ago). My undergrad degree is from the University of Pennsylvania, which has a tuition more expensive than Yale’s (currently about $36,000 a year).

Do I regret attending such expensive universities and doing without so many things in order to pay back my outrageous loan debt? No way. You only get one brain. But that doesn’t mean it was an easy time.  And I hope that future college students won’t have to endure that kind of stress.  You can contact your local political representatives here to let them know why it’s important for Service Pays to become federal law.

Imagine your ideal world. Now go out and help turn your dream into reality.


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