top five, tgim edition

TGIM! This top five is all about kindness, obsessing, and the best view in the world.

1. A reader emailed me to say this:

“You are the reason a 13-year-old believes in true love.”

Aaaaand my job is done.

2. If you read Now and Forever, you know that Sterling has a problem with typos. Okay, that I have a problem with typos. A big one. Typos grate on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. Which is why I had so much fun developing Sterling into a typo annihilator. I am geeking out over Vernacular Typography, a website dedicated to documenting lettering in the urban environment. This classic can be found in their grammatical errors section:

Vernacular Typography typo

3. As a RAKtivist with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, I receive a list of RAKtivist missions every month. This list includes ways to reach out with acts of kindness that will help others in some way. This month RAKtivists have only one mission: donate socks to a homeless shelter. Socks are the most needed yet least donated article of clothing in the homeless community. You don’t have to be a RAKtivist to join in on this act of kindness! The Homeless Shelter Directory can help you find a homeless shelter near you.

4. My BF/soul mate is being super supportive about my date with Joshua Jackson tonight. And by “date” I mean going to see The Affair panel at the Paley Center. My question is ready and I am determined to keep calm if I get to ask it during the Q&A. But there is a very good chance I will freak out. Joshua Jackson has been on my Top Five Husbands List for years. Holla back, Pacey Witter fans.

5. This weekend I went to One World Observatory. I’d been there once before and was completely overwhelmed. Having dealt with those emotions the first time meant that I didn’t have to refrain from bursting into tears every three seconds this time. I could be in the after without so much before. And I could appreciate this remarkable sunset:

One World Observatory sunset, October 10, 2015

Work it and own it this week, friendly neighbors ❤

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