top five, signs and signals edition

Here in New York, the first day of school was yesterday. Which, I mean, what? We’re actually into September already? Really? WHAT IS HAPPENING. But yes, these are the last days of summer to cherish, and yes, it is still summer. It is still summer until September 22 when it will officially become fall and don’t let anyone tell you any different. So keep working your graphic tanks and snapping those flip-flops with purpose as you walk down the street enjoying the summer breeze. Speaking of graphics…

1. You know you are dorktastic to the max when your idea of a fun night out is rocking your matching Mister Rogers and Bob Ross tees.

Mister Rogers + Bob Ross tees

We found these tees earlier in the summer and I freaked. out. My plan was to wear them to some upscale restaurant like the total dorks we are. So we went on a Citi Bike ride down the East River, chilled at Ost Cafe on the Lower East Side, rode to South Street Seaport and had dinner at Barbalu, a restaurant we discovered on a Citi Bike ride last summer that is so fantastic it will appear in Forever in Love, the final book of my City Love trilogy. But of course it was Labor Day weekend and no one was even around to notice the ironic fabulousness of our tees. What can I say? We were on fire.

2. In other Forever in Love news, I recently finished reviewing the copyedits. Which I was sort of avoiding because after copyedits there is only one step left in the publication process: looking over the first draft, a hard copy of the book’s layout. It has been really hard to say goodbye to my girls. After three books and so much more to write about, this is a difficult transition. Fortunately I am super excited about the new book I am working on!

Are you into audio books? You can listen to an audio excerpt of Lost in Love here.

3. Here’s a throwback to 9.09.09.

Susane Colasanti at Katikies in Santorini

What was I doing seven years ago today? Oh, I don’t know. Just chilling in this world famous infinity pool at Katikies in Santorini! Santorini is the most beautiful place in the world. The resort I stayed at was positioned on a steep slope on the rim of the caldera. So in this photo you are looking at me blissfully floating at the top of a volcano. How incredible is that?

4. Shout-out to my girl Andrea on Twitter for designing this:

John Mayer in Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

If you’ve read any of my books, you might have noticed that I love including music. It makes me so happy when readers tell me they are into The Cure or R.E.M. or Paul Simon or Fleetwood Mac because they were inspired by my books. But I don’t just include old-school sound. John Mayer is a big part of Waiting for You, a story of a girl dealing with anxiety and depression, and that makes this graphic especially sweet.

5. I don’t know how long it will take for me to not burst into tears when I hear “Empire State of Mind” around September 11, but apparently it’s longer than 15 years. This Sunday, September 11 will mark the 15th anniversary of the Twin Towers attacks. I cannot believe that was 15 years ago. I remember lots of details about that day, both big and small, mostly because I have relived September 11, 2001 so many times: how perfectly blue the sky was, what I was wearing, that excitement I always felt as a teacher at the beginning of a new school year. And of course the fact that, out of all the possible days I could have gone, I had plans that day to go to the Twin Towers with my friend Stephen. We were going to meet up after school and go to the observation deck. But we didn’t because the Twin Towers were…gone. You can read archives of my past September 11 posts linked from here.

Our plan for that day was a sign. Every day since for the past 15 years, I have been grateful to simply be alive.

This September 11 I will be broadcasting my walk down to Ground Zero on Periscope. You can find me there @SusaneColasanti if you want to see the Tribute in Light. Every year when I see the Tribute in Light, I see it as a signal reminding me to be grateful for everything I have. And every day when I see One World Trade, now standing proud and tall near the footprints of where the Twin Towers once stood, I see it as a sign of better things to come.

Anything is possible. This is New York.

One World Trade

We will never forget. ❤

charles lane

Here in New York, there is a hidden cobblestone path in the West Village called Charles Lane. Not many people know about it. I’m like the only one I know who knows about it…except for the people I have shown it to when we were walking in the area. Charles Lane is between Charles Street and Perry Street, but it is only one block long between Washington Street and the Hudson River. I felt like I discovered hidden treasure the day I came across it.

As part of my 20th New Yorkiversary this year, I am celebrating these secluded enclaves that radiate the most positive energy New York has to offer by sharing them with you on Periscope! You can find me there @SusaneColasanti. Every Tuesday evening this summer, I’ve been Periscoping New York City block tours. This week was Charles Lane. Now that Periscope is archiving its broadcasts, you can watch it here. And you can search for me on Periscope and watch my past block tours, too.

Only a few people live on Charles Lane. They are all badass. Like these guys. You can tell by their door.

Charles Lane, West Village, New York City

Here’s to more sweet discoveries, city love, and the power of looking up.

warm fuzzy contest

Happy springtime, friendly neighbors! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that spring is officially here…and that I have a new book coming out really soon. The second book of the City Love trilogy, Lost in Love, comes out on May 3.

Which means it’s time for a contest to win signed advance copies of Lost in Love!

Chez with Lost in Love by Susane Colasanti

Excuse Chez for not getting out of bed this time. He’s been sort of…lost since Dave retired.

Sadie, my girl from the City Love trilogy and So Much Closer, is all about random acts of kindness. Making warm fuzzies for people she knows and doesn’t know is part of her initiative to help make the world a better place. What is a warm fuzzy? Sadie has a pretty strict definition. But for the purposes of this contest, a warm fuzzy is any note or image that can brighten someone’s day. Warm fuzzies can be made from inspirational quotes, like this one I made from a Taylor Swift quote that I think is on point:

Taylor Swift quote

They can consist of only one word, and/or use mixed media:


They can be gifts to cheer someone up made from actual paper, old-school style:

Paper rainbow flowers

Basically, a warm fuzzy has the intention of making someone feel better, get inspired, or even just smile. Show your #citylove with a warm fuzzy and you can win a signed advance copy of Lost in Love! You may use an existing warm fuzzy or create your own. Text can be your original message, an existing quote, song lyrics…whatever you feel can help make someone’s day better.

To enter this contest:

1. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Post a warm fuzzy on Twitter and/or Instagram with #citylove and tag me, @susanecolasanti. You may post the same warm fuzzy on both Twitter and Instagram for a double entry.

3. You may post as many different warm fuzzies as you would like. However, each warm fuzzy posted will only be counted as one entry on Twitter or Instagram (it will be counted twice if posted on both Twitter and Instagram).

Contest rules:

1. Two signed advance copies of Lost in Love will be awarded to two contest winners.

2. All entries must be posted by March 29, 2016 at 11:11pm EST.

3. Winners will be announced on Twitter and/or Instagram. Each winner will have three days to email their name and address to me, susanecolasanti at gmail.

4. This contest is US only. However if you live abroad but know someone in the States who can receive your book for you, you may enter and have the book sent to their address.

Can’t wait to be inspired by your warm fuzzies 🙂

summer reading giveaways

TGIM! It’s National Watermelon Day and the celebration is ON.

I’m kicking August off with summer reading giveaways all month. Each week of August will bring you a new chance to win a signed hardcover of City Love, plus an ARC (advance reader’s copy) or swag from another teen author. It’s a summer reading giveaway bonanza!

What can you win during the bonanza? I just so happen to have doubles of a few collector’s items that, oh, I don’t know, might be of interest to you…

Summer reading giveaway!

Yes, those are tissue packs from the premiere of The Fault in Our Stars. And yes, John Green was there. So those tissue packs breathed the same air as John Green. We also have ARCs of summer reading faves The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith, Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle, Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski, and The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. Like I said. The celebration is ON.

Here’s how this will work. One day each week for the first three weeks of August, I’ll be doing a giveaway on either Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you are following me on both Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss the giveaways! The date and site of each giveaway will not be announced in advance.

When I announce each giveaway on either Twitter or Instagram, you will have 24 hours to follow me and post your giveaway entry. Share what you love most about your city (or another city you love) with your post. Whether your town is rural, suburban, urban, or somewhere in between, I want you to show your city love! Your post must include the hashtag #citylove to enter. You may use the same entry each week, but can only win once.

Show Your City Love

The last giveaway of August will take place on my Facebook. I will be doing a Facebook Q&A on Monday, August 24, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm EST. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is participate in the Q&A. Everyone who asks a question will be entered to win. And yo, this giveaway is international! Anyone may enter.

To enter the Twitter/Instagram giveaways:

1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram. You must be following me on the site where the giveaway is taking place that week to enter the giveaway.

2. One giveaway will be announced each week for the first three weeks of August. When each giveaway is announced, you will have 24 hours to follow me and post your entry.

3. Show your city love by sharing what you love most about your city or another city you love. Include the hashtag #citylove with your post and tag @susanecolasanti.

To enter the Facebook giveaway:

1. Like my Facebook.

2. Participate in the Facebook Q&A on Monday, August 24, 7:00-8:00 pm EST. Everyone who asks a question during the Q&A will be entered to win. This giveaway is international.

Giveaway rules:

1. Each week’s winner will be announced and contacted on either Twitter or Instagram, depending on where the giveaway took place that week.

2. Winners must email their name and mailing address to me at susanecolasanti at gmail.

3. Winners can request which additional ARC or swag they would like to receive with City Love. I will try to accommodate all requests. Prizes will then be mailed out after all four giveaways are over.

4. The giveaways on Twitter and Instagram are US only. If you live abroad but know someone in the States who can receive your prize for you, you may enter. The giveaway on Facebook is international.

Looking forward to watching you show your city love, friendly neighbors ❤