upcoming events

Only two months to go until Lost in Love is released on May 3! Which means I will do some fun book events in March and April leading up to the book release. Are you in the New York, Las Vegas, or Santa Monica area? Then I hope to see you at one of these.

More book tour events will be posted closer to May on the events page of my website, but for now here’s where I know I will be.

NYC Teen Author Festival, New York City, March 18 & 20, 2016

I am thrilled to be participating in this annual epic festival again. This year I get to be part of the Reader’s Theater! Some amazing authors and I will be acting out our books in what is sure to be a dorktastic book nerd fest. Join us on Friday, March 18 at the Upper West Side Barnes & Noble, 7:00-8:30pm. And then on Sunday, March 20, I will be signing at Books of Wonder with like a gazillion other authors. Note: My time slot is 3:30-4:00pm. Links to author lists and all of the NYC Teen Author Festival events can be found here.

RT Booklovers Convention 2016

RT Booklovers Convention, Las Vegas, April 14-16, 2016

This will be my second year at RT and I am revved to get my book love on! I have never seen a more enthusiastic group of romance novel enthusiasts ever. Check out this huge list of teen authors who will be there. Teen Day is Saturday, April 16, where we will all be at the Giant Book Fair 10:30am-2:00pm. You can see my other events at the convention here.


YALLWest, Santa Monica, April 30, 2016

After my first YALLFest just happened, I cannot freaking wait for YALLWest. The YALLs are amazing! Can you even believe this magnificent author lineup?! The schedule of panels, signings, and other events has not been released yet, but I might be doing stuff on both Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1. You know how I love a good non-coincidence? Dude, May 1 is my birthday! Party in Santa Monica!!! I have always loved it there, which is why Darcy in City Love is from Santa Monica. Can’t wait to absorb all the positive energy like a happy sponge.

So YAY. More events will be posted closer to the Lost in Love May 3 release date. Please stay tuned to my website and socials for those to be announced. I am really looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time and seeing some of you again!

Much love❤

top five, feeling the love edition

1. Thank you for all of your congratulations on my engagement! I appreciated every kind comment you made on social SO much. Now it’s my turn to congratulate someone on her engagement…my good friend Linden. When good friends get engaged right around the same time? That’s the Universe bringing lots of positive energy full-circle.

Susane and Linden, former single ladies

2. I cannot stop thinking about Taylor Swift’s Grammy acceptance speech. Her message for all the girls following their hearts and believing in their dreams? Was incredibly on point. I am in awe of her poise, eloquence, and confidence. When I was 26, I was a hot mess. Yeah, I was a new teacher who absolutely loved what I was doing professionally, but in my personal life I was settling for a relationship that was less than what I wanted in lots of ways. I was insecure and worried that I would never find true love. That I didn’t deserve true love. It took me the rest of my 20s to learn the love lessons that I live by now. And I am always learning more. But Taylor Swift? That girl came into this world knowing. Snaps for TS! Not only for her badass speech, but for rocking an ensemble that very few of us could pull off.

Taylor Swift at the 2016 Grammy Awards

3. One of my fave things about being an author is the relationships I’ve built with bloggers, librarians, and other book enthusiasts over the years. If you are in the bookstagram community, you know Erica at The Book Cellar. Erica has been reading my books since day one, and I am incredibly honored that she featured Lost in Love with some of her reflections from over the years. Although the final of my 15 Lost in Love advance copy giveaways was just posted on my Insta (there are still a few hours left to enter!), you have another chance to win one with Erica. Plus chances to win lots more books! Check out the Lost in Love feature at The Book Cellar with an interview and giveaways.

4. Another thing about Instagram? That’s how I found out about the Russian edition of When It Happens. A Russian reader posted the book and tagged me. This happens sometimes with foreign editions. A contract to publish a foreign edition is signed, but the author doesn’t always know when that edition is published. See, this is another reason why my readers freaking rule! The title of the Russian edition is When Love Comes. And the cover def brings those feels.

When It Happens by Susane Colasanti, Russian edition

5. Are you in Santa Monica, Las Vegas, or New York City? Or at least close by? Then maybe I’ll see you at an upcoming event in March or April! I will be doing two events with the NYC Teen Author Festival on March 18 & 20, a bunch of stuff at the RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas April 14-16, and I am stoked for YALLWest in Santa Monica April 30-May 1. And dude, May 1 is my birthday. Party in Santa Monica, whaaaat! More events will be added as we get closer to the May 3 Lost in Love release date. You can always find my upcoming events on the events page of my website.

Stay warm, friendly neighbors❤

random acts of kindness day

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

This year I decided to reach out to teens in my community. It was the perfect time to donate extra books to some local schools and libraries.

Random Acts of Kindness Day donations

Whether or not you let your kindness shine today, Random Acts of Kindness Week is good for the rest of the week! And of course kindness is good all day, every day.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation would like us to make 2016 the year of kindness. Visit their shiny new website for inspiration and to take the kindness pledge. Each month the RAK Foundation posts a calendar with daily acts of kindness you can do that day or any day you prefer. Check out their February calendar, focusing on self-care. Because being kind also includes being kind to yourself.

Shine on, everyone❤

bright colors, big city

February greetings, friendly neighbors! January pretty much zoomed by in like three seconds. I think it was a combination of being on deadline with my new book and…no, that was it. Writing the final City Love trilogy book was not easy. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to my girls. But now I am already starting my next book – which will be the 12th – and I am excited for this new beginning in a way I haven’t been before. The City Love trilogy is the only series I’ve written, and it has sort of become a diving line between my previous novels and what is to come. No worries, I will still be writing realistic teen love stories! There is just a bright new energy in the air here at the home office in New York City.

Authors can’t always rely on a set schedule year to year. Every time we sign a new book contract, we are agreeing to a new delivery deadline for the manuscript and tentative publication date. This is why I have been extremely fortunate that for the past ten years, my new book has always been due on February 1, and every book has been released in May (except for City Love, which came out last April). Being on the same schedule every year works well for organization freaks like me.

When I submit a new manuscript, it is actually my third draft, not a first draft. Writing a first draft is the most difficult part of the process for me. Facing the blank page can be terrifying. But the key is to dive into writing a new book without fear. Let the words flow. Let them glide you down meandering streams, race you through steep valleys, and arrive at an aqua sea glittering in the sunshine…which is how I feel when I print out that first draft. The manuscript still needs tons of work, but at least I have something on paper to work with. I like to do my second draft on the hard copy, then the third draft back on the screen. But that’s just how I work. Every writer works differently. The important thing is to find what works best for you, and then work it and own it.

Speaking of diving in…have you read This Raging Light by Estelle Laure?

This Raging Light by Estelle Laure


How gorgeous is this cover? The second I saw it I wanted to dive right into its painted paper. And I don’t even know how to swim. This beautiful design is a perfect reflection of the beauty of Estelle Laure’s writing. I was riveted the whole time. You know those books that are so good you stay up reading until four in the morning, your eyes burning out of your head, knowing you will pay the next day but not caring? Oh yeah. This Raging Light takes you places. I cannot wait for the sequel, These Mighty Forces, coming next January. Snaps to Estelle for her extraordinary debut!

Speaking of debuts…it’s kind of blowing my mind that my first novel, When It Happens, came out 10 years ago. And get this. My new book, Lost in Love, will be released 10 years to the day of When It Happens on May 3, 2016.

You know how I love a good non-coincidence.

So what will this next stage of my career bring? Too early to say. All I know is that I am excited to dive into writing a new book and let the energy of New York City keep inspiring me every day. This energy makes me feel alive. See, my city love isn’t about a boy. It’s about this place I knew in my heart was my true home way before I got here 20 years ago. It’s about visualizing my dream life and taking steps every day towards making that dream reality. And, as always, remaining dedicated to writing books that hopefully make you feel less alone. You are why I write. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Here’s to those magic changes❤

nyc teen author festival 2016

Book nerds, story lovers and word enthusiasts! The NYC Teen Author Festival 2016 schedule is live! The magnificent David Levithan, possessing all the skills of a master magician to yank these events out of a hat every year, has gathered over 100 teen authors for funtivities the week of March 13. As always, this festival will be legen…wait for it…dary. Legendary!

NYC Teen Author Festival

Will I be there? Like a boss. Where? Check it:

Friday, March 18, 2016 – 7:00-8:30pm
Barnes & Noble
Reader’s Theater and Signing
2289 Broadway (82nd Street)
New York, NY 10024

Sunday, March 20, 2016 – 3:30-4:00pm
Books of Wonder
Books of Wonder Ginormous Signing
18 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

I am super excited to be a part of the Reader’s Theater this year. That’s where authors read and act out one another’s books. Nicola Yoon and I will be the only girls this year! You heard me rave about her before, so obvs I am psyched out of my head to chill with her again.

SO many amazing authors are at this festival every year, thanks to David’s hard work and dedication. Be dazzled by this full festival schedule with a complete listing of authors and events.

Hope to see those of you in the New York area there:)

lost in love giveaways

We have less than four months to go until Lost in Love is released on May 3! Which means it’s time to roll out the giveaways.

Lost in Love is the second book of the City Love trilogy. City Love will also be out on May 3 in paperback, FYI.

Lost in Love by Susane Colasanti

I will be giving away a total of 15 ARCs (advance reader copies) over the next few weeks on my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Each giveaway will only run for 24 hours. These giveaways are all unannounced, so please be following me to catch the posts on time! Winners will be randomly selected.

Entering the Lost in Love giveaways is simple. Just follow me on the site where the giveaway is taking place and respond to the giveaway post within 24 hours. Most of the posts will ask you to answer a question. The questions are inspired by themes from the City Love trilogy. The theme for week one is random acts of kindness, week two is all about your city love, and week three’s theme is dream big. Should be fun times!

Not on one of these socials? I got you. That’s why I am doing giveaways on all three:)

To enter these giveaways:

1. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You must be following me to enter each giveaway.

2. Twitter giveaways – Respond to the giveaway post within 24 hours. The giveaway post will either ask you to RT, or respond to a question with #citylove.

3. Instagram giveaways – Respond to the giveaway post within 24 hours. The giveaway post will have a question for you to answer in the comments.

4. Facebook giveaways – Respond to the giveaway post within 24 hours. The giveaway post will ask you to comment with your answer to a question.

Giveaway rules:

1. You may enter up to all 15 giveaways. Each winner will be announced on either Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, depending on where the giveaway was held.

2. Winners must email their name and mailing address to me at susanecolasanti at gmail within three days following the announcement that they won. The 15 books will be sent out by my publicist at HarperCollins after the final giveaway.

3. These giveaways are US only. However if you live abroad but know someone in the States who can receive your book for you, you may enter and have the book sent to their address.

See you in the socialsphere, friendly neighbors!

top five, 2015 edition

TGIM and Happy New Year! I hope your 2016 is off to a spectacular start. Before we get too far into the shiny new year, I wanted to share some lingering items from 2015 with you.

1. At the end of every year, I geek out over whichever new day planner I have selected to be my bae for the upcoming year. Day planners have been my thing since high school. When I was a teacher, I had two day planners: one for school and one for personal. But now I focus on just one fabulous day planner every year. Letts day planners have been my choice for the past several years. But I have just discovered Ban.do and am obsessing hardcore. I immediately fell head over heels for their gorgeous designs and cute illustrations. As you can probably tell, I am way too excited about my 2016 planner.

Ban.do 2016 day planner

I love the annual ritual of organizing my new day planner with color-coded pens. Plus this Ban.do planner came with stickers! And fun graphics! And colored tabs! Beyond thrilled that I get to work with this beauty sitting on my desk every day.

2. How long did it take me to bake and decorate 115 Christmas cookies?

Susane Colasanti's Christmas Cookies 2015

Five John Mayer albums and three Office eps. And these were only the ones for Christmas dinner. I baked small batches as well. What can I say? I love baking, and baking Christmas cookies is my fave baking of all. This year I made sugar cookies in nine shapes with three different glazes: almond, lemon, and coconut. Already looking forward to taking it up a notch in 2016!

3. What is it about this show?

The Affair ad on a New York City bus

Okay, let’s be real. The whole reason I started watching The Affair was because Joshua Jackson is in it. He is currently #2 on my Top Five Husbands List (Jake Gyllenhaal is #1, with John Krasinski, Paul Rudd, and Eminem also in the top five). I mean, hello, I would follow Pacey Witter anywhere, and that includes sailing off into the sunset on True Love even with my severe motion sickness. But then I discovered that the story is told from multiple points of view, and that we get to see the same scene from two different perspectives (one in the first half of the ep, then the other in the second). I have always been fascinated by multiple POVs. Six of my books are written that way and those were the kinds of books I most loved reading as a teen. So I was immediately hooked. When I heard that The Affair was having a panel at the Paley Center, I was on tickets like a rat on a Cheeto.

The Affair cast at the Paley Center, October 12, 2015

The cast has amazing chemistry on and off the screen. The Affair is the only show I know of that tells its story from multiple perspectives. Which is such an innovate technique for unfolding this complex story. It’s been so interesting to see how differences both small and large are exposed in Alison’s and Noah’s tellings of events, from the photo that was on the table to what she was wearing to whether Noah’s daughter took Metro-North and a cab to the cabin or a $200 Uber. When I first posted this pic on Twitter, a friendly neighbor commented how funny it was that the cheaters are all formal while the victims are business casual. I can’t wait to see what happens next…

4. Speaking of quality viewing, I was majorly stoked to see this ad for Recovery Road in my new Seventeen.

Recovery Road by Blake Nelson

One of my biggest dreams is seeing my book (or books!) adapted for film or TV. I have an amazing film agent and we are working on that now…always dreaming big. So when my author friends achieve this tremendous accomplishment, I am always psyched out of my head with excitement for them.

Regular readers of this blog know that I have much love for every single book Blake Nelson has ever written. I have been Blake Nelson’s #1 fangirl since 1994 when I discovered Girl in the adult fiction section. I used to stalk that section at every bookstore, amped for a new Blake Nelson book. But I never found any. Years went by. Then I was talking to someone about how much I loved Girl and how I wish Blake Nelson would write more books and he was like, “Um, yeah. He has a bunch out. In the teen section.” When I tell you that discovering Blake Nelson had more books out was like Christmas morning, my birthday, and the vernal equinox all rolled into one, I am not even joking. I cannot. freaking. wait. for this show.

5. I will leave you with this sweet graphic from my Ban.do day planner.

This is your year

This is your year. Make it one to remember.

Much love❤