eighth annual ginormous contest

TGIM, friendly neighbors! And welcome to June! Now that summer is pretty much here, I thought this would be an excellent time to get our summer reading on and bust out my Eighth Annual Ginormous Contest. For those of you joining the ginormous party for the first time, every year after a new book release I give away a ton of my author copies to contest winners. But this year is by far the most ginormous.

This year I’m giving away 30 BOOKS.

Oh, you heard me. You have the chance to win a total of 30 books. There are 20 eBooks and 10 hardcover books up for grabs. All City Love.

City Love by Susane Colasanti

That’s not the only difference. This time around I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. I’m going for 10K followers on Twitter. If 10K followers are reached by June 10, I will send all 30 books to 30 winners. The hardcovers will all be signed and personalized. The eBooks will all include signed and personalized bookplates. If fewer than 10K followers are reached but you guys managed to seriously up my Twitter game with a decent amount of new followers, a portion of the 30 books will be released as prizes. Not sure about those exact numbers yet. Let’s see what you can do!

Notice I said that you are in charge here? When I was brainstorming ways to reach my 10K goal, I realized that you guys are the ones with the power. You are the most intelligent, creative, passionate, unique, kindest people out there. You come up with way better ideas than I do. And since you are my people, your people are my people by extension. This is a however-many-degrees of YOU contest.

Here’s how it works. To enter the contest, tweet this: Follow @susanecolasanti and RT to enter to win one of 30 copies of #CityLove! Contest info: https://susanecolasanti.wordpress.com. That’s the only thing you have to do to officially enter the contest. Then to help me reach that 10K goal, reach out to your people in fun ways. Photos, artwork, warm fuzzies, videos, music, writing, cupcakes…however you are encouraging your people to get in on the group contest action. Tweet what you’re doing to me with #CityLove and I will RT and post.

Why do I have this 10K goal? Because more people following me on Twitter means more opportunities to connect with them. More people seeing warm fuzzies and TGIM inspiration and gorgeous New York City pics. More people in the loop about book news and events. And more people I can connect with every day, share positive energy with, and share the city love. It might sound crazy, this goal of reaching 10K followers in 10 days, but I don’t care. I’m going for it anyway. We are. This is a community thing. It’s a city love thing. And that’s how I know anything is possible.

So let’s do this.

How to enter the contest:

1. Follow me on Twitter.

2. Tweet this:

Follow @susanecolasanti and RT to enter to win one of 30 copies of #CityLove! Contest info: https://susanecolasanti.wordpress.com

Contest rules:

1. All entries must be tweeted by June 10, 2015, at 11:11pm EST.

2. Winners will be announced on my blog and individually tweeted on June 11, 2015. If 10K Twitter followers have been reached, all 30 books will be sent out. If fewer than 10K Twitter followers have been reached, a percentage of the books reflecting the final followers number will be sent out. A minimum of 10 winners will be selected.

3. Each winner will have until 11:11pm EST on June 12, 2015 to email me their full name and mailing address. My email is susanecolasanti at gmail.

4. This contest is open to US addresses only. If you live abroad but have a contact in the States who can receive the prize for you, you may enter the contest and have your book mailed to their US address.

5. You may enter as many times as you’d like. And you may dazzle with the power of your reach as fantastically as you can imagine.

Can’t wait to see your power in action, friendly neighbors! Show me your city love <3

booklovers highlights

TGIM, friendly neighbors! I hope your shiny new week is off to a good start. Summer vacay is starting around now for some of you. Cheers to that!

The last stop on my City Love tour was the RT Booklovers Convention. This was my first time at RT, a convention for lovers of romance novels. Which you could tell from the cute swag on my trivia table at one of the trivia events. I am not ashamed to admit that I might have swiped one too many bangles from the table. They were too cute to resist!

RT Booklovers Convention 2015

Some super friendly neighbors came by to visit me. Jessica of The Psychotic Nerd dazzled with her killer style. She is my new style icon and I heart her confidence.

Jessica of The Psychotic Nerd

Speaking of style, Meg Cabot tweeted me this after I saw her at RT:

Meg Cabot tweet to Susane Colasanti

So yeah. That happened.

As did chilling with Kiera Cass, who knows her way around a tiara.

Susane Colasanti and Kiera Cass

When Brec rolled up in his Dunder Mifflin tee, I knew exactly who he was. Brec is one of my super dedicated readers who has been such an incredible supporter of my books over the years. I’d known him from social, but we’d never met in person. Until this:

Brec of the Dunder Mifflin tee

One reason why doing book events is my fave part of this job is that I get to meet readers in person who I already feel like are my friends from online. Connecting with you guys on social means so much to me, and it’s monumental when I get to meet you in person.

Other Jessicas representing included Jessica from the mega popular Stuck in Books. She had that quirky cool positive energy the most adorable book nerds do.

Susane Colasanti and Jessica of Stuck in Books

Becky was there with her mom. They were adorable. It made me happy to see all the moms with their girls on Teen Day. Boys were also in the house and that freaking ruled. Becky agreed to hit the photo booth with me at the Teen Day party. You know I cannot resist a photo booth. This photo strip perfectly encapsulates the energy of RT. And it is clearly the best. photo strip. ever.

Susane Colasanti and Becky at RT Booklovers Convention

Thanks for kicking it old-school, Epic Reads!

Now I’m back home in New York City. Getting back into the swing of things. Anticipating a tight revision deadline followed by some time off to chill on the sundeck. But before the sundeck comes BEA! I’ll be signing at BEA on Thursday, May 28, 11:00am at Table 14. Hope to see those of you going to BEA there.

Spring is my fave season. May is my fave month because May feels like spring the most. This year May was kind of a whirlwind…and now summer feels really close. I didn’t really get to absorb spring like I wanted to. But that’s cool. It brings us closer to flip-flops and endless summer nights, shaved ice and sunshine, with the possibility of new romantic adventures around every corner. New York City is buzzing like neon already.

Happy almost summertime, everyone. I hope this is your best summer ever <3

top five, tgim edition

TGIM, friendly neighbors! It’s a fresh new week filled with infinite possibility. Let’s work it and own it.

1. Are you in the Dallas area? The RT Booklovers Convention is finally happening this week…and I will be there! I am psyched out of my head to be participating in what I hear is the most epic romance novel lovers’ convention in the history of ever. Saturday, May 16 is Teen Day. I’ll be doing three events on that day, plus events earlier in the week. Here’s where you can find me. Hope to see you there, Dallas party people!

2. Speaking of epic events, the Epic Reads Spring Tour with Katie Cotugno and Maria Dahvana Headley was so much fun I almost didn’t even mind the weird effects of my prescription motion sickness patch (dizziness and blurry vision, anyone?). Normally I would avoid heavy meds, but five flights in five days demanded busting out the big guns. Our publisher freaking rules for treating us like rock stars. We even got to stay at Trump International in Las Vegas! Look how glittery the lobby was:

Maria Dahvana Headley, Susane Colasanti, and Katie Cotugno at Trump International in Las Vegas

Maria and Katie are seriously adorbs, right? Book tours in a group are always more fun and I was thrilled to be sharing the experience with these two beautiful authors.

3. Of course getting to meet readers is way more thrilling than any jacuzzi tub or spectacular view. That’s why doing events is my favorite part of the job. I love love LOVE my readers so much that I cannot contain my excitement when I have the opportunity to meet them. And why should I? Especially when you guys impress me with how much we’re like BFFs. Longtime dedicated reader Diana surprised me at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland, CA (holla back, Kathleen!) with this wonderful gift bag of birthday presents:

Birthday gift bag from Diana!

How is she inside my head? She knows everything I like! And then rockstar reader Anna drove 6.5 hours each way to come see me at the Brentwood, TN Barnes & Noble with super fancy birthday cupcakes. Maria also surprised me with birthday cupcakes from the same bakery, so you know that particular bakery is what’s up. The best birthday present I could ask for was spending the day on tour meeting readers. And eating cupcakes. And generally feeling the city love. Like being reunited with radiant friendly neighbor Ronni in Chicago. Ronni has been reading this blog for so long she deserves a prize. Gold stars for everyone who came out to see us on tour!

4. Did I treat myself to a birthday present? Hells to the YES. It was waiting for me when I got home:

Runway Gym Bag, Victoria's Secret

Meet the Runway Gym Bag by Victoria’s Secret. Holographic outside, patterned inside. Two big outside zippered pockets, five inside pockets, and shoe bag. Oh yes. I had been drooling over this gym bag forever and a day. We were meant to be. I mean almost all of my other gym gear is VSX, so this bag was pretty much my destiny.

5. Fantastic Book Review did this character interview with the girls of City Love. It’s a cute way to meet Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna. And find out who snores (although she totally denies it).

Here’s to a shiny new week! Show your #citylove <3

now and forever in paperback

Now and Forever is out in paperback today!

Now and Forever by Susane Colasanti

In case you missed the Now and Forever book trailer, you might want to go ahead and watch it. But be warned. This video is so hot your screen might burst into flames.

You can see the playlist, read an excerpt, and find ordering links here

Shine on, rock star!

book tour time

TGIM! This week is an especially exciting one for me. The City Love book tour continues this week with the Epic Reads Spring Tour in IL, CA, NV, and TN!

Epic Reads Spring Tour 2015

Hopefully this tour is coming to a city near you so I can see your smiling face. But no worries if not. You can still snag a signed copy of City Love from Books of Wonder. They have a bunch of signed copies from our launch event last week!

Susane Colasanti at the City Love launch at Books of Wonder

Can I just tell you how much fun I had with Katie Cotugno and Maria Dahvana Headley? Their new books, 99 Days and Magonia, are so hot you best read them with a fire extinguisher handy. And they are the sweetest, funniest, most interesting ladies you could hope to meet. This will be one epic week indeed.

Thanks to everyone who has supported City Love and for showing your #citylove on social. Stay tuned to my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for fabulousness from the road.

Much love <3

epic reads spring tour

The Epic Reads Spring Tour has been announced! I will be coming to Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Nashville next week!

Epic Reads Spring Tour 2015

Who am I touring with? Oh, only Katie Cotugno and Maria Dahvana Headley, who have two shiny new books out that will rock your world. Our publisher wasn’t kidding when they called this tour epic because it is going to be legen…wait for it…dary. Legendary!

Hope to see you on the road :)