where the light is

Happy summer solstice week! Oh yes. Summer rolling in deserves a longer celebration than just one day. The first day of summer is a reason to celebrate all. freaking. week.

I love all things summer so much I can’t even. Flip-flops. Happy sunshine. Lots of green outside. Longtime readers of this blog know that I am addicted to summer fruit. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, peaches, plums, nectarines…summer fruit is my bliss. I seriously could eat summer fruit every day and never get tired of it. So I will be celebrating with lots of fresh, colorful fruit this summer!

Another reason to celebrate summer is that, although daylight time did start decreasing by about two minutes per day the day after the summer solstice (which was on June 20 this year, but could fall on either June 20, 21, 0r 22), there are early sunrise times and late sunset times pretty much all summer. Which is fabulous for people like me who are not feeling sunset anytime before 7pm. Summer makes it easy to keep us where the light is.

This warm fuzzy from Elle Luna is all about following your passion, allowing the light in your heart to shine brightly and guide your way towards creating your dream life.

Elle Luna - choose must

There is so much truth in this. No matter what your big dream is, visualizing your goal and then taking steps every day towards achieving it is a recipe for success. There will be pain along the way. There will be tears and frustration and anger and several meltdowns. But if you never give up, if failure is not an option, you will achieve your goal. Your manifested goal might not look the way you thought it would exactly. Or it might be so similar you will be in awe for the rest of your life. You won’t know how your dream turned reality will look until you begin.

Elle Luna - your purpose

Be what you are. Starting now.

Wishing you the best. summer. ever. ❤

2 thoughts on “where the light is

  1. Last week I had a terrible week in my writing world. It had been building, and it got to the point where I nearly deleted my manuscript off my computer. I’d decided to quit chasing this dream and start focusing on the “real” stuff. But my gut was screaming about that being the wrong choice. I tried to ignore it but signs like this have been flying at me every since. With alarming frequency. And every time I teeter, another sign comes.

    So I know I need to be still and listen. And then keep trying.

    • Amazing. I love how attuned to the energy you are! Keep following your heart. Pursuing any creative goal is hard and comes with daily challenges. But you know you are meant to keep going, which is the most important thing.

      Here’s to a sweet summer of writing! xoxo

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