live from my living room

Somehow I knew you wanted to watch me geeking out.

What better reason than a new book and 5-city tour starting next week?

I will be doing a bunch more of these Facebook Mentions Live videos on tour and here in New York City this month leading up to the May 3 release of Lost in Love.

See you in person or on the screen!

6 thoughts on “live from my living room

    • These Facebook Mentions live videos are super fun! But I usually don’t know exactly when I will be doing them. When I do moving forward (like some Q&As), I will try to announce them in advance so more friendly neighbors can watch them live 🙂

    • Thank you, friendly neighbor! I’m pretty sure the May 3 launch event at Books of Wonder is going to be my only New York City event for the summer. Hopefully CT will happen again next year!

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