reader love, office love

I mean, I just love my readers so much.

So I come home after five hours of Japanese straightening, which is what I do twice a year because my hair in its natural state is so curly and big and frizzy you would be horrified if you saw it, and there’s a box from my publisher waiting for me. It’s too early for finished copies of Lost in Love or paperbacks of City Love, so I thought maybe it was some foreign editions. But then I opened the box and saw a note from a reader. In her note, Betsy R said that she couldn’t think of a bigger fan to share these with.

I knew it had to be Office things before I even started unboxing.

The Office swag

There were stickies, pads, a bookmark, pens, pencils, Michael’s World’s Best Boss mug (now I have three!), a dry erase board, magnets, plus lots more…and all because Betsy R wanted to give me a spectacular gift. She is a serious collector like I am, so now I have doubles of a new choice items. I could tell how much she loves The Office by how carefully and meticulously each item she sent was wrapped. Most of these items were never opened. She knew I would give them all a loving home…and talk about spark joy! I am amazed at her generosity and thoughtful kindness. And of course I wanted to share her act of kindness with you. Thanks for the ultimate box of warm fuzzies, Betsy!

I also wanted to share this fresh Page by Paige interview and an Into the Hall of Books review of Lost in Love. The May 3 release date is almost here!

More very soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “reader love, office love

  1. It took me awhile, but when I realized that most of what I called my prized possessions were still in wrapping in a box in storage, perhaps my collecting was more hoarding. Just letting go of my “doubles” freed up a lot of space.
    I did see the Jam video you posted, but I didn’t make the connection until you mentioned it in your card 😀
    So much love to you ❤

    • Betsy!!! It is SO good to hear from you! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for thinking of me and sending your immensely generous box of Office memorabilia my way. I was extremely touched by your kindness. All of your stationery items are enjoying their new home in my desk drawers, and everything else has been lovingly placed around my apartment. I am honored to give your collection a loving home.

      Much love back to you ❤


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