warm fuzzy contest

Happy springtime, friendly neighbors! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that spring is officially here…and that I have a new book coming out really soon. The second book of the City Love trilogy, Lost in Love, comes out on May 3.

Which means it’s time for a contest to win signed advance copies of Lost in Love!

Chez with Lost in Love by Susane Colasanti

Excuse Chez for not getting out of bed this time. He’s been sort of…lost since Dave retired.

Sadie, my girl from the City Love trilogy and So Much Closer, is all about random acts of kindness. Making warm fuzzies for people she knows and doesn’t know is part of her initiative to help make the world a better place. What is a warm fuzzy? Sadie has a pretty strict definition. But for the purposes of this contest, a warm fuzzy is any note or image that can brighten someone’s day. Warm fuzzies can be made from inspirational quotes, like this one I made from a Taylor Swift quote that I think is on point:

Taylor Swift quote

They can consist of only one word, and/or use mixed media:


They can be gifts to cheer someone up made from actual paper, old-school style:

Paper rainbow flowers

Basically, a warm fuzzy has the intention of making someone feel better, get inspired, or even just smile. Show your #citylove with a warm fuzzy and you can win a signed advance copy of Lost in Love! You may use an existing warm fuzzy or create your own. Text can be your original message, an existing quote, song lyrics…whatever you feel can help make someone’s day better.

To enter this contest:

1. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Post a warm fuzzy on Twitter and/or Instagram with #citylove and tag me, @susanecolasanti. You may post the same warm fuzzy on both Twitter and Instagram for a double entry.

3. You may post as many different warm fuzzies as you would like. However, each warm fuzzy posted will only be counted as one entry on Twitter or Instagram (it will be counted twice if posted on both Twitter and Instagram).

Contest rules:

1. Two signed advance copies of Lost in Love will be awarded to two contest winners.

2. All entries must be posted by March 29, 2016 at 11:11pm EST.

3. Winners will be announced on Twitter and/or Instagram. Each winner will have three days to email their name and address to me, susanecolasanti at gmail.

4. This contest is US only. However if you live abroad but know someone in the States who can receive your book for you, you may enter and have the book sent to their address.

Can’t wait to be inspired by your warm fuzzies 🙂


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