leap day style

TGIM Leap Day style! I considered posting something epic for Leap Day. Or reporting on how I celebrated in some big way.

And then I was like, We don’t need a calendar to give us extra minutes to celebrate time. Every single minute of every single day is an opportunity for you to shine. No matter how you choose to enrich your life.

This moment is your life.

So if you are like me and didn’t do anything major to celebrate? Why not take one of these extra minutes to just breathe? Or practice gratitude? Or enjoy a treat that makes you happy? Isn’t it all about the little things, anyway?

“This moment is your life.”

2 thoughts on “leap day style

    • You are someone who appreciates the little things and knows how to enjoy the Now to its fullest potential. Your positive energy and fierce dedication will help you manifest your big publication dreams! Loving how you never lose sight of the big picture, but can still immerse yourself in the moment ❤


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