halloween soul mates

Hello November! And hello darkness before 5pm! It should not be dark before 5pm. Not at all. But daylight time will start increasing after the winter solstice on December 22. So that’s something. If I can give you any kind of TGIM warm fuzzy today, longer daylight time within reach (sort of) would be it. Fight on, everyone.

On the brighter side, this Halloween was warm enough for me to wear my costume without a jacket. Can we just move Halloween to the summer? So we’re not freezing and we don’t have to wear a coat over our costume? My BF/soul mate and I walk in the Village Halloween Parade, the super famous parade that goes up 6th Avenue from Tribeca to the West Village. You have to line up a few blocks before the parade route starts if you want to be in the parade. It takes about half an hour of standing in a super tight crowd shuffling ahead a few inches at a time before you even start walking in the parade. But then you are officially in the parade and it is awesome. This was my view from the crowd as we filtered up to the starting position:

Village Halloween Parade 2015

Continuing with our theme of soul mate costumes, this year we decided that Matt would go as Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko. That scary Donnie Darko rabbit is like the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Frank the Bunny, Donnie Darko

So then who would I be? Frankie, of course! In her first ever appearance. I love creating characters where none existed before, on the page and on Halloween.

Frank the Bunny and Frankie

Frank the Bunny is so. freaking. scary. I’ve had nightmares starring him he’s so scary. Maybe that’s why I wanted to do these costumes. Suddenly Frank wasn’t scary anymore. He was just a costume with a soft, fuzzy heart. Good to know in these darker days before we bring on the light.

Shine on, rock stars!


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