looking like a book

Today I finished reviewing the page proofs of Lost in Love, the second book of the City Love trilogy. This is the part where, many drafts since the first word I wrote of the first draft in the summer of 2014, the manuscript is actually looking like a book.

Lost in Love by Susane Colasanti

I’m not allowed to show you interior pages. Only the title page. But all of the pages of the book are here, which is both terrifying and electrifying.

Going over these pages was my last chance to make minor changes to the text. Which is a wild ride because I am never completely okay with a book! There are always more changes I want to make, other tweaks, better polishing. The future of ebooks is fascinating in this way. It will be interesting to see how an author’s potential to continue editing a book after it is published evolves. Although that would be a slippery slope for me. I would want to keep making changes forever! All I can do at this point is write the best book I can, follow my heart while revising, and let it go. Now we wait for ARCs…and hope that those of you who will be reading early copies enjoy the story.

Lost in Love will be out on May 3, 2016. You can read the synopsis and pre-order it here.


2 thoughts on “looking like a book

  1. I have been a fan of yours since I can remember and City Love was by far one of your greatest! I cannot wait for Lost in Love. I was wondering if I could get a ARC to review for my blog. You are one of my favorite authors and getting an ARC would be amazing!

    • Thanks for the sparkly warm fuzzy! I’m not sure how my publisher is handling ARCs for bloggers. You could try emailing my publicist to see what she says. Her email is on the contact page of my website.

      I hope you enjoy Lost in Love 🙂


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