back to the future day

So here it is. October 21, 2015. The day Marty and Doc time traveled to in Back to the Future II.

There have been no reports of a mysterious Delorean appearance today. Which doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Time travelers are slick that way.

Yeah, we’re still using fossil fuels in cars instead of garbage. And bullying still happens for some stupid reason (actually, lots of stupid reasons). 2015 wasn’t so bright we had to wear shades back in the 80s. But I am relieved that we’re not wearing those weird oversized sweaters with geometric shapes anymore.

Oh, and I’ve made a discovery. As you can see from this photo I took of John Mayer in 2010 compared to this pic of Marty McFly in 1985, JM is the new MM.

John Mayer at Madison Square Garden, 02.25.10

Marty McFly

Watch out for anyone in a red puffer vest. You just never know.


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