morristown festival of books

New Jersey! I am coming your way on Saturday, October 3 for the Morristown Festival of Books.

Morristown Festival of Books

This will be the closest event to my hometown of Peapack-Gladstone I’ve ever done. If someone had told me back then that one day I’d be part of an awesome book festival a few miles away, being picked last for teams in gym might have been a bit less painful. Or not. Being picked last was horrible. But now things are a lot better! And I never have to play softball again. Or volleyball. Or basketball.

Where can you find me on October 3? I’ll be on a YA panel with Sarah Darer Littman and Kendall Kulper at the Morristown Library, 3:45-4:45pm. Then we’re having a big signing. The festival events are free and you can bring as many books as you’d like to have signed! Check out the full festival schedule here.

Hope to see your smiling face, NJ 🙂

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