top five, july edition

Welcome July! July really is the best month of summer. It’s usually warm without too many hot days. It’s not August with the impending sense of summer vacay coming to an end. July is an entire month to live on your own terms, chill days to kick back included.

Here are some things July is bringing.

1. I will be doing my first Facebook Q&A tomorrow, July 2, 7:00-8:00pm EST on my Facebook page. Everyone who asks a question will be entered to win this signed copy of City Love.

Susane Colasanti with City Love

The winning address must be in the US, but everyone is welcome to participate. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about life, love, writing…anything at all. Hope to see you then!

2. Speaking of City Love, Too Many Books Not Enough Shelves posted this sweet review. Can we please get this girl some more shelf space? Savvy Naddy’s review contains a LOT of spoilers, so proceed with caution!

3. As of today, Styrofoam is banned in New York City. That is freaking awesome news. Every time I see one of those horribly disrespectful coffee cups (because, duh, we’re the only ones who can protect our planet), I want to scream. Styrofoam is a massive problem. It’s not recyclable, takes up tons of landfill space, and contaminates waterways. Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. have already prohibited the use of this nasty product. Here’s hoping more states step up to advocate for this important step in protecting our environment!

4. I adore this diagram for combining two of my fave things: moon phases and watermelon.

Melon PhasesSee, this is yet another reason why I have the best readers. A reader knew I would love this and shared it with me on Twitter. How amazing is she?

5. Summertime is amusement park time. And you know I get down with Disco Cookie.

Susane Colasanti with Disco Cookie

Going back to Sesame Place 33 years later was a fun full-circle moment. Something tells me July will bring a few more of those.

Wishing this summer is your best one ever, friendly neighbors 😀

3 thoughts on “top five, july edition

  1. hi susane,
    I’ve been a gigantic fan of you ever since fifth or sixth grade (I am going into highschool now) and you’ve inspired my writing in so many ways. (I’m @thewordsinmymind on Instagram :)) and I’m in New York City right now!! today was my first day and we went to the pier in Hudson River park (like in take me there :)) and went to the high line (like in city love and so much closer :)) which was THE coolest thing ever by the way. and you pretty much inspired this trip to New York and tomorrow I’m going to the strand and joe the art of coffee and I just wanted to let you know because you have such an impact on me in my daily life (I love reading your blogs so much) and I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for you on the streets because what was it that you said? that this city is so big but so small? and I’m hoping that fate will make sure we run into each other on the street so that I can meet my favorite author 🙂
    love love love,

    • OMG you are so awesome! Thank you for the sparkly warm fuzzies and for being such a dedicated reader. It really means a lot that you have been inspired to visit some of my fave places in New York City. You are amaztastic ❤

      Big city, small world 🙂


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