periscope is a go

TGIM, friendly neighbors! I hope you rocked this first full day of summer. For those of you embarking on a summer of reinvention, your journey starts now.

I have also begun a journey of fun new adventures on Periscope. My username is the same as on Twitter, @susanecolasanti. My third broadcast was today and, although the broadcasts keep going way longer than I mean for them to (sorry about that!), I really like Periscoping. Today I attempted to sneak into Gramercy Park like a ninja. Or Jack Bauer. Or a member of B613 on Scandal. Which, excuse me, could Scandal be any better? It is scary good. I’m Netflixing Season Three right now and keep having to scrape my chin off the floor. And I was bawling over the ep where we find out about Huck’s past. Bawling. 

Anyway. My ninja skills weren’t on a black ops level, as you can see from today’s broadcast.

But! I did snap some fresh pics of Gramercy Park this spring, ninja style through the gate:

Gramercy Park, Spring 2015

So pretty, right? I didn’t get in today, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Anything is possible. Keeping the dream alive!

What’s up next on my Periscope? So. many. things. Manhattanhenge was my first broadcast and it was an epic fail due to the wall of clouds where we should have been watching a perfectly framed sunset. But no worries, because I got you for the second Manhattanhenge (there are two every year) on July 12. My second broadcast was from One World Observatory, 101 floors above everything. I’ll be going back around September 11 to broadcast before sunset, sharing daylight views with you and watching the city lights come on from far above New York City. The sunset and night views were tremendous, as you can see from this photo I took of the 9/11 Memorial in the rain:

One World Observatory view of the 9/11 Memorial

The Help Wanted feature I started on my YouTube will be moving to Periscope. Now it will be Help Wanted Live! I’ll take a few questions that you guys have been emailing me, plus I will take live questions as well. That will be super fun. I love being able to interact with you in real time. I’m also going to be doing What’s On My Bookshelf?, Show and Tell, and surprise giveaways. And of course more New York City scenes like the High Line, settings from City Love, So Much Closer, and Take Me There, night walks, and my fave West Village streets. So follow me on Twitter for broadcast announcements and find me on Periscope, where I am still Susane Colasanti.

See you again soon ❤