Ginormous congrats to the 11 winners of my 8th Annual Ginormous Contest! And thanks to everyone who spread the city love on Twitter. You guys freaking rule.

Here are the winners:

Bluedog649|Emily – @Bluedog649
Jennifer Y. – @2many2read
iHeartBigBooks – @iHeartBigBooks
Mariella Hunt – @mariellahunt
Roousy Camacho – @Simply_Roousy
Becoming Bookish – @BecomingBookish
Elise – @NerdgirlAZ
Erica Hubbard – @mimi_hubbard
Teen Book Hoarder – @teenbookhoarder
Lindsey Brown – @lindseyb423
Mackenzie – @ImMyOwnHipster

I also have to give a shout-out to Renee C., who rocks her dazzling artistic flair for every contest. How cute are these City Love earrings she made?

City Love earrings by Renee C.

Some other winning things have been going down this week. Like fresh watermelon juice is finally in season! You know my addiction to summer fruit is fierce and unwavering. All winter I crave berries and melon and peaches and plums and nectarines and cherries so hard I don’t even know what to do with myself. The struggle is real, people. I’m so addicted to watermelon juice that I had to make Rosanna from City Love addicted to watermelon juice, too. When I was at Chelsea Market with my friend Paula and she saw this sign, I freaked out:

Fresh watermelon juice at Chelsea Market

See, this is why it’s good to put your dreams out into the universe. Paula and I were having lunch at Bubby’s (which I adore so much I featured Bubby’s in book one and book two of the City Love series) right before and I was telling her how excited I was about watermelon. Especially the ginormous ones you can get for like $3.99 at Wegmans. If I hadn’t been telling her how stoked I was for my summer of watermelon juice, she wouldn’t have said anything about that sign. Want to know what I look like spazzing out over the first watermelon juice of the season?

Susane Colasanti loves watermelon juice

Oh yeah. Summer is ON.

In other good news, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has awarded me with RAKtivist status! The definition of RAKtivist:

You are a kindness rockstar. A random acts of kindness activist. You truly believe that kindness can change the world and you exemplify that in your day-to-day life.

We participate in virtual kindness raids in our own communities and on social. I am feeling some serious warm fuzzy action coming on! Want to join the kindness party? You can find out about becoming a RAKtivist here.

I will leave you with this warm fuzzy, spotted from the High Line. Three more of my favorite things…all together. If you believe that love is the answer, you are totally winning.

The High Line, Love Is the Answer

Spread the city love, friendly neighbors ❤