booklovers highlights

TGIM, friendly neighbors! I hope your shiny new week is off to a good start. Summer vacay is starting around now for some of you. Cheers to that!

The last stop on my City Love tour was the RT Booklovers Convention. This was my first time at RT, a convention for lovers of romance novels. Which you could tell from the cute swag on my trivia table at one of the trivia events. I am not ashamed to admit that I might have swiped one too many bangles from the table. They were too cute to resist!

RT Booklovers Convention 2015

Some super friendly neighbors came by to visit me. Jessica of The Psychotic Nerd dazzled with her killer style. She is my new style icon and I heart her confidence.

Jessica of The Psychotic Nerd

Speaking of style, Meg Cabot tweeted me this after I saw her at RT:

Meg Cabot tweet to Susane Colasanti

So yeah. That happened.

As did chilling with Kiera Cass, who knows her way around a tiara.

Susane Colasanti and Kiera Cass

When Brec rolled up in his Dunder Mifflin tee, I knew exactly who he was. Brec is one of my super dedicated readers who has been such an incredible supporter of my books over the years. I’d known him from social, but we’d never met in person. Until this:

Brec of the Dunder Mifflin tee

One reason why doing book events is my fave part of this job is that I get to meet readers in person who I already feel like are my friends from online. Connecting with you guys on social means so much to me, and it’s monumental when I get to meet you in person.

Other Jessicas representing included Jessica from the mega popular Stuck in Books. She had that quirky cool positive energy the most adorable book nerds do.

Susane Colasanti and Jessica of Stuck in Books

Becky was there with her mom. They were adorable. It made me happy to see all the moms with their girls on Teen Day. Boys were also in the house and that freaking ruled. Becky agreed to hit the photo booth with me at the Teen Day party. You know I cannot resist a photo booth. This photo strip perfectly encapsulates the energy of RT. And it is clearly the best. photo strip. ever.

Susane Colasanti and Becky at RT Booklovers Convention

Thanks for kicking it old-school, Epic Reads!

Now I’m back home in New York City. Getting back into the swing of things. Anticipating a tight revision deadline followed by some time off to chill on the sundeck. But before the sundeck comes BEA! I’ll be signing at BEA on Thursday, May 28, 11:00am at Table 14. Hope to see those of you going to BEA there.

Spring is my fave season. May is my fave month because May feels like spring the most. This year May was kind of a whirlwind…and now summer feels really close. I didn’t really get to absorb spring like I wanted to. But that’s cool. It brings us closer to flip-flops and endless summer nights, shaved ice and sunshine, with the possibility of new romantic adventures around every corner. New York City is buzzing like neon already.

Happy almost summertime, everyone. I hope this is your best summer ever ❤

4 thoughts on “booklovers highlights

  1. Sounds like you had a blast at RT! I love that you get excited about Meg Cabot the way I do. She’s one of those people I will follow to the moon and back. 🙂

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