top five, tgim edition

TGIM, friendly neighbors! It’s a fresh new week filled with infinite possibility. Let’s work it and own it.

1. Are you in the Dallas area? The RT Booklovers Convention is finally happening this week…and I will be there! I am psyched out of my head to be participating in what I hear is the most epic romance novel lovers’ convention in the history of ever. Saturday, May 16 is Teen Day. I’ll be doing three events on that day, plus events earlier in the week. Here’s where you can find me. Hope to see you there, Dallas party people!

2. Speaking of epic events, the Epic Reads Spring Tour with Katie Cotugno and Maria Dahvana Headley was so much fun I almost didn’t even mind the weird effects of my prescription motion sickness patch (dizziness and blurry vision, anyone?). Normally I would avoid heavy meds, but five flights in five days demanded busting out the big guns. Our publisher freaking rules for treating us like rock stars. We even got to stay at Trump International in Las Vegas! Look how glittery the lobby was:

Maria Dahvana Headley, Susane Colasanti, and Katie Cotugno at Trump International in Las Vegas

Maria and Katie are seriously adorbs, right? Book tours in a group are always more fun and I was thrilled to be sharing the experience with these two beautiful authors.

3. Of course getting to meet readers is way more thrilling than any jacuzzi tub or spectacular view. That’s why doing events is my favorite part of the job. I love love LOVE my readers so much that I cannot contain my excitement when I have the opportunity to meet them. And why should I? Especially when you guys impress me with how much we’re like BFFs. Longtime dedicated reader Diana surprised me at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland, CA (holla back, Kathleen!) with this wonderful gift bag of birthday presents:

Birthday gift bag from Diana!

How is she inside my head? She knows everything I like! And then rockstar reader Anna drove 6.5 hours each way to come see me at the Brentwood, TN Barnes & Noble with super fancy birthday cupcakes. Maria also surprised me with birthday cupcakes from the same bakery, so you know that particular bakery is what’s up. The best birthday present I could ask for was spending the day on tour meeting readers. And eating cupcakes. And generally feeling the city love. Like being reunited with radiant friendly neighbor Ronni in Chicago. Ronni has been reading this blog for so long she deserves a prize. Gold stars for everyone who came out to see us on tour!

4. Did I treat myself to a birthday present? Hells to the YES. It was waiting for me when I got home:

Runway Gym Bag, Victoria's Secret

Meet the Runway Gym Bag by Victoria’s Secret. Holographic outside, patterned inside. Two big outside zippered pockets, five inside pockets, and shoe bag. Oh yes. I had been drooling over this gym bag forever and a day. We were meant to be. I mean almost all of my other gym gear is VSX, so this bag was pretty much my destiny.

5. Fantastic Book Review did this character interview with the girls of City Love. It’s a cute way to meet Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna. And find out who snores (although she totally denies it).

Here’s to a shiny new week! Show your #citylove ❤

7 thoughts on “top five, tgim edition

  1. Ooo thanks for the shoutout!! That was such a good night. Seeing you was the highlight of an already good day. I’m glad your tour was amazing and that you got to stay at such a fancy place in Las Vegas! xoxo

    • Meeting you was EPIC. As you can tell from all of my posts of your fabulous birthday presents, I’ve really appreciated your kindness over the years. You are amazing and I am thankful to know you ❤


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