one week from now…

City Love will be out in the world! The April 21 release date is almost here and I could not be more thrilled.

My book tour kicked off this past weekend at TeenBookCon in Houston. What an incredible event. You can feel how charged the energy was just from this pic:

TeenBookCon in Houston, 2015

Everyone knows I love a good full-circle moment. I was on a panel with the enchanting Alexis Bass, whose debut novel Love and Other Theories catapulted to the top of my To Read list after hearing how good it was. You know how sometimes you meet someone and it feels like you already know them? That’s how it felt with Alexis. I was like, “We’ve met before, right?” Wrong. We only virtually met online years ago when Alexis was reading my blog and commented on a few things…including my hot date with James Franco. As you can see in this super cute pic of us, we are clearly sisters from another mother:

Susane Colasanti and Alexis Bass

What’s up next for my book tour? I’ll be in Chicago for LitWorks on April 18, back home in New York City for the City Love launch event at Books of Wonder on April 21, then on the Epic Reads Summer Tour in Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Nashville the week of April 27. I’ll also be at the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas in May. You can always find my book tour schedule and a full listing of upcoming events on the events page of my website.

This week is City Love sidewalk chalk week on Instagram! We want you to show your city love by sharing inspirational quotes and warm fuzzies with sidewalk chalk in your town. Just post your pic on Insta with the #citylove hashtag to join the party. I’ll be posting some of your pics all week on my Instagram to spread the love.

Selected #citylove pics will also feed into the City Love page, where you can pre-order the book and watch a behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen me at my most dorktastic in this City Love video, you might want to check that out. I play all three girls of City Love. And cram my face with pancakes. Enjoy ❤

2 thoughts on “one week from now…

  1. OMG you’re probably in my city right now! It’s BEAUTIFUL today, I hope you’re enjoying it. I’ll miss you tomorrow but I’ll see you on the 28th! 🙂


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