big city. small world.

One thing I always say about New York City that I had to include in City Love is this.

City Love by Susane Colasanti

Big city. Small world.

Why? Because in this city where millions of people live, where you pass hundreds of strangers on the sidewalk every day, where you get into routines of walking the same way and going to the same coffeeshop and frequenting one drug store over another just because yours is one block closer to your apartment, you will run into your old camp counselor from 20 years ago. Who doesn’t even live here. On a subway you never take at a time of day you never take the subway. Your old camp counselor will get on your subway car out of all the other cars she could have chosen. And you will look up from your book at that exact moment she gets on and recognize her. If you hadn’t looked up right then, you guys would have missed each other entirely.

These kinds of encounters happen all the time if you look up. That’s just part of the magic here in New York.

Get ready for more non-coincidences in City Love