top five – zen edition

I cannot be more excited that March begins on Sunday. February is always brutal. February is my least favorite month, filled with sharp winds and astonishing below-zero temperatures and a profound absence of leaves. But this year has been particularly harsh. The good news is that we survived! We’re leaving February in the dust. Spring starts in 21 days. Life is good. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, February.

So yeah. Feeling pretty Zen about things today. Which is why I’ve whipped up a top five (not enough for a top ten, but going with the flow is part of being Zen) to fit the mood.

1. We are getting so much closer (see what I did there?) to the release of City Love! The first book of the trilogy comes out on April 21. Advance copies are on the move. Some book bloggers and giveaway winners have emailed me pretty pics of their ARCs…including the shiny star confetti that came with!

City Love by Susane Colasanti

That confetti makes me so happy. I mean, confetti in general makes me happy. But pulling a shiny new book out of an envelope with shiny star confetti? Takes the experience up a notch. And being gifted with confetti is way better than Ship Your Enemies Glitter. I hope everyone who’s reading City Love early is enjoying the book!

2. More ARC giveaways are coming up, but I wanted to share something special from the giveaway I did for Random Acts of Kindness Week. Super friendly neighbor and dedicated reader Catherine S. decided to spread the city love on campus by giving out bright, colorful flowers with warm fuzzies attached. The photos she posted on Twitter made me so happy I wanted to share this one with you:

Show your #citylove

One of the City Love giveaways my publisher is doing in March is all about showing your city love with some artistic flair. I’m really looking forward to seeing your entries! In the meantime, please show your #citylove and spread the #citylove on social. Beautiful scenes from your city, inspiring images, reasons why you love where you live or can’t wait to live in your dream city, new things you notice when you look up…all are welcome. Use the #citylove hashtag so I can retweet you on my Twitter and repost you on my Instagram.

3. Want to see the best Zumba choreo out there? And me busting a move all over it? Here’s a clip from my Zumba class with master instructor Kara Doyle. Kara is pretty in pink up front. I’m in the Keep Calm tank all up in the camera’s face. If you want to see me looking even more dorktastic, here I am shaking it in this hilarious Vine. Because, really, what’s the point of the Internet if not to embarrass myself in front of the entire world?

4. There is a fragrance that smells like vintage paperbacks.

5. I will leave you with this gorgeous graphic by reader Kare Hui.

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

The Now from Waiting for You returns in City Love. Actually, you’ll see several familiar things from my previous books in City Love…including characters. Oh yeah. We’re taking this literary party up a notch.

Wishing you a peaceful, reflective weekend filled with moments of Zen ❤

8 thoughts on “top five – zen edition

  1. It’s March 1!! Finally! This February seems to have lasted FOREVER. It’ll still be cold in Chicago until May or June, but maybe these below freezing temps and the snow will go away soon.

    Awesome Zumba class clip. It looks like a lot of fun! I need to get more physical if I want to look as fab as you do when I grow up. 😉

    • WOOT! Happy March, Ronni! I’m sure you will be celebrating the month of spring as hard as I will today.

      Did you know I have two events coming up in Chicago? One is LitWorks on April 18. The other hasn’t been announced yet, but will probably be sometime during the last week of April. Seeing you again would be fantastic.

      Zumba is crazy fun with the right instructor. Fortunately Kara is the best instructor anywhere! As for you, something tells me you’re going to be the hot 80-year-old busting a move at aqua aerobics like nobody’s business 😉

      • Celebrating March like a boss!

        I’m so glad you have two events. I have acting class on April 18, and I was bummed to see that LitWorks conflicted with it! I’ll be sure to make it to your 2nd event! I really want to see you again! I’ll keep watching for dates and info.

        You’ll love LitWorks. It’s a really fun event. I went years ago and really liked it! The breakout sessions were my favorite.

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