booty time

What did I do yesterday? Oh, just swing by the astonishingly gorgeous new HarperCollins offices to film an author video for City Love. I cannot even tell you how super cute this video is going to be. Of course I had the opportunity to let my dorktastic freak flag fly, which you will get to witness in all its glorious colors sometime in March (which begins this Sunday thank god).

Before we started filming, I got to meet the beloved Margot and Aubry of Tea Time with Team Epic Reads. You guys. They did a cameo for the video. And they let me dance with them!

Aubry Parks-Fried, Susane Colasanti, and Margot Wood. Booty time.

I KNOW. They are so adorable I can’t even. I was telling them how much I loved their whole dancing with authors thing and they totally let me werk it with them. They even let me select the music. There was no way I was passing up booty time with Tea Time stars, so I requested Booty (the version featuring Pitbull, just FYI, which I believe to be the supreme version).

So yeah. Shiny new author video. Dancing with Margot and Aubry. And this is my job.

Grateful every single day ❤

4 thoughts on “booty time

  1. I thought I commented on this already! I LOVE this video. I saw it on tumblr and loved it so much I reblogged it to my writing account and “hearted” it from both. You look amazingly gorgeous, and it just seems like you have so much fun. You radiate joy, you really do.

    • Awww! How sweet is it that you have been commenting on this blog for years and still take the time to comment in this era when everything is all about shorter info clips? I really appreciate your kind words and support over the years. You reassure me that someone’s still reading this, eight years after it began.

      Positive energy attracts positive energy ❤

      • I will read your blog as long as you keep posting, and if you ever stop, I’ll just go through the archives. 😉 You’re such an inspiration in so many ways. The way you chase your dreams and catch them…and then encourage us to do the same. That kind of positive energy is so precious to me. Thank you for spreading it so generously.

        Remember when I met you and you asked me how bad I wanted to be a published author because I was feeling discouraged then? If not, that’s OK, it was a while ago. 😉 But it has stuck with me all these years and I went on a minor exploration trying to find my “dharma” (what I’m put on this Earth to do) only to find my way back to the keyboard, with a nearly completed novel under my belt (first one since 2006), and knowing this is where I belong. Your influence helped get me here and I am so grateful for it. ❤

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