city love acts of kindness

How sweet is this flyer?

Take what you need.

I’ve been gathering examples of people spreading the #citylove in their communities. Some of these spectacular images will be posted on the shiny new City Love Instagram. Have you entered this month’s City Love giveaway yet? The first 500 citylovetrilogy followers on Instagram will be automatically entered to win an advance copy. Five advance copies are up for grabs! And yes, this giveaway is international!

Acts of kindness via notes are adorable. They’re like these little treasures scattered around the city just waiting for you to find them. You feel so special when you come across notes like this:

#citylove book note

Have you seen examples of people spreading the #citylove in your city or town? Are you spreading the #citylove yourself? Please share! Show your #citylove by posting your images with the #citylove hashtag. I’ll be sharing some of them on my Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Take a flower

Peace, love, and happiness ❤