city love in the house

Guess what I have.

City Love by Susane Colasanti

City Love ARCs are in the house! You know what that means. Giveaways will be coming your way for you to win ARCs on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and right here on my blog. I’ll be running giveaways every month leading up to the April 21 pub date. A total of 30 ARCs will be up for grabs. Oh yeah. It’s on.

And dude. The hardcover jacket is so shiny! With metallic highlights and everything! There’s also a big surprise with the hardcover that I cannot give away right now. Something very special I’ve only seen on a few books ever. Can’tΒ wait for the big reveal.

Stay tuned for all the action, friendly neighbors πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “city love in the house

  1. I can’t wait for mine to arrive- I got an ARC package with April titles in them but it wasn’t included. Hopefully in a couple weeks, it’ll arrive (does it say 4/15 or 5/15 on the side? I know sometimes late month pub dates become technically the next month for some reason)!! I cannot wait to read it!

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